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Learn digital skills and turn your passion and life experience into a successful career. 

At Wake The Fun Up, we share a way to create an automated online business that generates passive income so they are free to live life their way.

Create A Life Of Full of Freedom & Fun With Your Family

Automated Online Business

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to live the life they want. Learn skills to start an automated online business that runs on auto-pilot while you're busy having fun.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you choose to work from home, a coffee shop or poolside in Fiji, your automated online business allows you to choose WHERE and WHEN you work! Because all you need to run it is a laptop & internet connection.

Starting is Simple

People just like you are learning the skills by following a step-by-step online business blueprint that's proven to get results. You don't need tech skills or products or services of your own to sell. All you need is curiosity, a positive mindset and the courage to learn new skills.

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People Like You Are Breaking Free From The Traditional Way Of Earning Money

The old model of earning income, by trading our time for money is outdated... now there's a new way!

It's time to embrace new possibilities in this digital age.

No matter what stage of life you're at, learning the skills to create an automated online business can change your life. All you need is curiosity, a can-do mindset and openness to learn new skills.

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  • Professionals or entrepreneurs trading their time for money, feeling trapped
  • People looking for the freedom to have more fun
  • People looking to break free from the old ways of working
  • People who believe there is more to life than working just to earn a living

We Worked Hard Believing the Only Road to Success was Working Harder.

Adrienne and Bob, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Mentors

 We decided to wake our fun up!

Hello!  Adrienne and Bob here - We're Digital Entrepreneurs

We are business owners who have worked hard for a long time. We have been entrepreneurs for more than 20 years, and although we have loved our executive recruiting business, we worked too many hours every day, leaving little time for anything else. 

It wasn't until the recruiting industry started changing that we started wondering, now what? How can we have the freedom to live the life we want.  Years are moving faster and we felt even after all the hard work we weren't living the life we imagined.

We had two options:

Give work the power to determine the life we have 


Have work enable the life we want.

We decided to regain our power and start an automated online business so we could live the life we dreamed of.

You can too!

Build a Lifestyle Business and Work From Home

 Start Your Automated Online Business From Scratch TODAY! 

People just like you are well on their way to living the life they want by building a profitable online business.
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