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Tired of the Daily Grind?  Not Enough Time or Money to Do The Things You Want?

Start Living the Life You've Always Imagined!

Do you feel time is slipping away? Do you feel you never have enough time or money to enjoy with loved ones?  Do you always feel you need to be two places at once?

You can live the lifestyle you've always imagined!

Imagine working wherever and whenever you want, and having freedom to live life your way...

Work Anytime, Anywhere

As long as you have a laptop, an internet connection and a phone, you can work from anywhere. Whether you work from home, a coffee shop or poolside in Fiji, you choose WHERE and WHEN you work!

Earn a Scalable Income

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to live a flexible lifestyle. So why keep trading your time for money? Start working towards a scalable income instead. You put in the work and continue to reap the benefits. 

Starting is Easy

Now is the time to take action and be a part of the future. People just like you are learning through this program. You don't need an existing skillset or a lot of money to start. All you need is curiosity, a positive attitude and the courage to learn new skills. 

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People are Using These Proven Steps to Success.
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Are you ready to feel empowered and get the bounce back in your step? No matter where you are in your life right now, and if you're 40, 50, 60 or even 70... this program can change your life. All you need is curiosity, a can-do attitude and openness to learning new skills.

The FREE video training series is perfect for...

  • Professionals or entrepreneurs trading time for money, feeling drained and trapped
  • Retired people looking for a better lifestyle and supplementary income 
  • People looking for options who still have lots to give
  • People who feel that there has to be "something more"!

Introducing your Personal Mentors ...

We Worked Hard for A Long Time... Believing the Only Road to Success was Working Harder.

Adrienne and Bob, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and Mentors

We chose to dedicate ourselves to creating a new exciting chapter in our lives while helping others do the same. We Woke our Fun Up!

Hi, we are Adrienne and Bob - digital entrepreneurs and mentors!

We are business owners who have worked hard for a long time. We have been entrepreneurs for more than 20 years, and although we have loved our executive recruiting business, we constantly traded time for money... just like so many other professionals and business owners.

It wasn't until the recruiting industry started changing that we started wondering... Where do we go from here? How can we be a part of the future? Years are moving faster than ever, and we felt even after all the hard work we weren't living the lifestyle we imagined. We worked countless hours, and so many long days... yet we still didn't seem to have the freedom to work when we wanted from where we wanted. There was also never enough quality time to spend with each other, our loved ones or our friends.

There were only two options. To continue feeling stuck and resign ourselves to believing this is all there is or to take fierce action. We chose the latter.

We wanted the freedom to see the world and the flexibility to work where we want - something that was never possible to us in the recruiting industry. We wanted to be a part of the future, instead of being left behind, wondering what happened. We are an example of what is possible to our children and grandchildren. All of this was achieved through the Six Figure Mentors Program, which we were grateful to discover. As affiliate marketers, we get paid to recommend products and services that we trust and use ourselves!

We committed to making a choice to grow and learn and step out of our comfort zone. We decided to lead by example. We chose to dedicate ourselves to creating a new exciting chapter in our lives while helping others to do the same. In short: We Woke our Fun Up!

Build a Lifestyle Business and Work From Home

You Can Start Your Exciting Online Journey TODAY 

Many other students are already well on their way to building a new, flexible life they can live on their own terms!
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