A Day in the Life as Affiliate Marketers - Wake the Fun Up

A Day in the Life as Affiliate Marketers

Are You Pulled in Many Directions?

As people we play many roles everyday in our lives. Two of the biggest roles we play are the ones we play while working and the ones we play when we are with our families, friends and colleagues outside of work.

Do You Want to Break Free?

With technology the lines between work and the rest of our life are becoming more and more blurred.  So much so, it’s becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference.  People seem to be constantly on their phones and constantly distracted.

What Do Affiliate Marketers Really Do?

We thought back to the early days when we started our online business and wondered what do affiliate marketers really do.  In this video we thought we would shine some light on that question. 

Blending Work and Life Together is Possible

We are off to the province of Saskatchewan in the middle of Canada to visit family.  We thought this would be an opportunity to show what a day in the life of an affiliate marketer looks like. Wally Mop is here to help.

Affiliate Marketing Naturally Blends Life and Work

As affiliate marketers there is a very natural blending of life and work.  The big difference for us, it’s a lot of fun and it’s what we make it.  It’s our choice to carry Wally Mop through the airport …. A first for Wally, just out of interest.  Leaving Wally at home, just seemed wrong. 

Expect the Unexpected

Wally had a tough time going through security and created quite a discussion between the security people.  Apparently broom sticks are not allowed on a plane, it took 4 security people to decide if a mop fell into the boom stick category.  Wally had to leave his body behind, thank goodness we were able to keep Wally's "noodle"... as Bob says.

Freedom to Work Anytime ... Anywhere

Another difference, work happens wherever we are and whenever we want it to. We woke up this morning with absolutely no restrictions except to get to the airport in time to film a video before we got on the flight.  Where and when that happens unfolds as we go along.

Forced to Be in the Moment

When we're filming a video, no matter what’s happening around us, we are in the moment.  We have to be in order to make any sense.  Life’s everyday occurrences and the people in the moment provide a live action stage and a constant stream of inspiration to draw from.

Our Eyes Have Been Opened

So life as an affiliate marketer isn’t boring, for us it’s what we make it.  Work life isn’t restricted to four walls, work life is all around us everyday. Being an affiliate marketer has opened our eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, one that's fun and waiting to unfold.

Is This Life For You?

If you think this could be the life you’re searching for, please book a time to speak with us on Tuesday or Thursday of next week. You can book an appointment here. Together, let’s figure out the next steps to take to achieve your goals.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Bye for now!

Adrienne, Bob .... and Wally