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A Time to Focus on the Silver Lining

Trying to Make Sense of It All

In these difficult times we find ourselves continually looking for the silver lining. Thankfully we don’t have to look very far to find it.  COVID-19 has pushed most of us out of our comfort zones. Most people have created routines in their lives that define them.  It’s easy to hide behind the facade of what we do every day.  And why not?! .... Doing the same thing everyday has felt normal and safe. 

Experiencing "Firsts" Again

Our daily routines have come to an abrupt halt. That's the bad news. The exciting  news, there’s room for new things to happen and new discoveries to take place.  This time of crisis has allowed space to experience “firsts” again.  

Creating a New Normal

Yesterday, we had our first family Zoom get together. That was a first!  It was comforting to see our kid's smiling faces. We shared stories and had many laughs. Similar to our traditional family gatherings, everyone was talking at once.  This new experience will become a part of our new normal. 

Our New Normal

Social Distancing on Kits Beach

Learning New Skills Enriches the Fabric of Our Lives

Inspired by my Mom, we just ordered a chess game from Amazon.  My Mom mentioned she was learning how to play chess.  Following my Mom's lead, we thought it was a great idea. In the last few days, we have been discussing the rules of the game of chess.  Another first!

A Time to Learn New Skills

A Time For New Experiences

A Feeling of Community Between Strangers

This situation has caused us to notice our surroundings. Perhaps it’s being hyper-aware of the two meter social distancing.  Maybe it’s the feeling we’re all in this together.  People seem much more open to sharing smiles. There’s an unspoken bond between all of us now.

Inspired By Creative Solutions

People are finding new ways to exercise these days.  We are seeing sights we’ve never seen before. Just his morning we saw people going for a swim in the ocean. Although we don’t live in the coldest part of Canada, it’s still Canada and it’s not bathing suit weather in March. 

Swimming in March on Kits Beach

Finding Creative Ways to Exercise

An Attitude of Gratitude

We feel for people who have lost loved-ones in this crisis. It’s not our intention to make light of this situation. We are thankful for the insight this pandemic is giving us.  Our eyes have been opened.  There is something mysterious and magical about experiencing “firsts” at our age. For that, we are grateful.

Be Prepared Next Time and Learn New Skills

Growth happens with change.  COVID-19 is forcing all of us to grow whether we want to or not! The time could be right for you to start your online business. Most people have more time and are already out of their comfort zones. Why not leverage this experience because you can?! Learn new skills to best prepare you for what the world gives us next.  Click this link to get started today.

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