About us - Wake the Fun Up

About Adrienne & Bob

Great to see you here!

We are Adrienne & Bob, digital entrepreneurs. We run our own online business, which means we are our own bosses and decide when and where we work.  Our business is flexible and scalable, allowing us to spend more quality time with each other and our loved ones. We can travel and work from wherever we want in the world.

It wasn't always this way. For decades we were tied exclusively to our executive recruiting business - an industry we love, but is being disrupted with technology. Executive recruiting requires us to be tied to where our clients are, which means we don't have the flexibility and freedom we imagined.

We were excited when we discovered an educational community that provided the resources and training needed to launch our own online business. We took a leap of faith, making it possible to help people also interested in living a more flexible lifestyle.  It is our passion to help people create a better life for themselves and their families.


Our Journey

Our journey goes back to 1998 when we met through the Executive Recruitment business that Bob started in Vancouver, BC.

Working from home as a mother is possible when becoming a Digital Entrepreneur

Getting to spend more quality time with each other and our families was a big reason to start an online business

Bob had already had many exciting moments in his career. In the late 70s Bob was a professional NHL Hockey player, playing first for the  Atlanta Flames and later for the Vancouver Canucks.  He then went on to become a successful life insurance salesman, before venturing into the Executive Recruitment business in late 90s. That's when we met,  both of our lives changed for the better. We are grateful for having an amazing extended family with 8 kids and 4 grandkids. 

We weren't getting any younger and we also felt like we never had time to travel or spend enough quality time with our family. Our work was tied to where our clients were, we were often stuck with a terrible commute and what's more,  we could foresee our industry getting disrupted by technology  There is less need for the traditional executive recruiter, and yet we still had bills to pay.  We felt that we still have so much to give!  We wanted to leave a greater legacy. We weren't ready to retire and put our feet up.

Digital online business vs brick and mortar business allows for a more flexible lifestyle

"Tubing" in BC, Canada... We literally took a plunge!!

Enjoying our time in San Diego!

One day we were looking for some inspiration and looking up some motivational videos on Youtube when we came across a video of a guy from the UK, talking about his online business. With very little experience he built a successful online business and now works full time on his online business while traveling the world. Through his video we found some resources that were a true wake up call. Our eyes were opened to the digital world and its enormous possibilities.  This was exactly what we were looking for, we just didn't know it existed. The old saying "we don't know what we don't know" was accurate.

When we considered digital business opportunities many doubts came to our minds. Are we too old for this? How could we ever get past the hurdles of technology? Do we really have enough time to work on a second business? Do we need previous digital experience to be successful?

But we realized that it all boiled down to our mindset and how much we wanted to make it work. It would have been easy to make excuses. We knew with our persistence, commitment and wisdom we would be successful. We took a leap of faith, and we're glad we did! When we joined the Six Figure Mentor Educational Community we received a clear step by step blueprint. We knew exactly what we needed to do at every stage to move our business forward. We were guided by talented mentors who had owned successful online businesses and really walked the talk . For support and feedback, we have the backing of a wonderful community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Starting a digital business has changed the way we see the world. We feel like we've "waken our fun up!"

Ready for another adventure!

We have learned that running a digital business is not that different from running a traditional business. Everything still comes down to personal relationships - people want to work with people they like and trust. It's the platform of building relationships that has changed. Our goal is to build trusted relationships with people who are in similar situations, looking for an opportunity to create a more flexible lifestyle. The work we do is meaningful, we get to change people's lives for the better much like in executive recruiting. If the time is right, we hope you are inspired to join us on this journey.