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Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing

What's the same and what's different?

Lots of people ask "Is Six Figure Mentors (SFM) multi-level marketing?"

The answer is no.  In this video we share the differences and the similarities from our perspective between Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing.   We believe both are viable business models.  They both require time, commitment and dedication for people to achieve success. 

Are Both Business Models Scams?

That's what some people say.  Both are sometimes labelled “scams” because people are often mis-led by people.  People are old these businesses are easy and the magic solution to getting rich overnight. That's not true.  Both business models require dedication and a willingness to learn new skills.

People Quit Too Early

People start with false expectations and don’t commit the time and effort required for success. Lots of people in both affiliate and multi-level marketing quit too early.  They don't give themselves the opportunity to succeed. 

Recruiting Top Performers Isn't Easy

The MLM business model requires people to recruit dedicated and driven individuals who are willing to do what it takes.  This is no simple task.  Top performers are hard to find.   In multi-level marketing successful people have to become exceptional Sales Managers.

In the Knowledge Era People Won’t be “Sold”

With the affiliate marketing model people are not recruited.  People make their own decision to “opt-in” to subscribe.  In this knowledge era none of us want to be sold.  Information is much too accessible.  

Consumers Are Knowledgeable and Savvy

People today are educated knowledgeable savvy consumers.  People make their own decision. As consumers, it’s up to all of  us.  The days of pushy sales people are gone.

Local vs. Global

MLM is Local

The MLM business model connects with people in their existing network.  The strength of this model happens when you also tap into other people’s networks.  This creates a ripple effect of activity.  These networks are usually local.  People connect in person through activities like house parties and community get togethers.  This business model has geographic restrictions.

Affiliate Marketing is Global

The affiliate marketing business model is global.  As affiliate marketers we connect with people globally.  Videos  attract people we've never met 24/7, 365 days a year.  This model goes way beyond our community and our personal networks.

Purchase Inventory or Leverage Assets

MLM Requires Product Purchase

The MLM business model often requires that we purchase products.  There are lots of people who have garages full of product.  Product that is outdated and never sold.  In MLM, people are restricted to selling the product lines from one company.

Affiliate Marketers Leverage Products

Affiliate marketers sell products that are developed or designed by other people. This is the same business model Amazon was founded and built upon.  With the affiliate marketing, it’s not necessary to carry inventory.  People have freedom to sell products or services that align with their values and their passions.

Create Your Own Brand

MLM Strengthens Other Brands

In multi-level marketing we leverage other people’s products.  It can be difficult to switch companies or products once you become aligned with one  brand.  With MLM you strengthen other people’s businesses, not your own.

Affiliate Marketers Can Create Their Own Brand 

With Affiliate Marketing you can create your own brand and you decide what products or services to promote.  Our inspiration for creating the Wake the Fun Up brand evolved from our family.   Often when we are all together, we “huddle-up” and have a family “So-Fun” cheer. Having fun aligns with our values and who we are.

Why Six Figure Mentors?

Create Your Ideal Life

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) gives people the knowledge, education and community to build an online business and create their ideal life.   

Please reach out to us so we can learn what brought you to this place and if the timing is right for you to start your online business.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob