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Are You Tired of Going Through the Motions?

Is It Time For Change?

You wake up, get dressed, sit in traffic, only to get to a job where you’re just putting in time.  You don’t hate your job, you’re just not fulfilled.  You’re doing what you have to, after all your family is everything and providing for them is your responsibility.

Tired of Working For the Paycheque?

It seems there are lots of people who go to work day after day for a paycheque.  You may wonder why we know this …. we’re those people you like to brag about after our call.  We’re headhunters. Most people are open to change.  For over twenty years, we’ve called people who would leave their job in an instant ....If they knew they could provide for their families, feel fulfilled and make a difference.

Want More Out of Life?

Imagine if we told you it’s possible in this digital era to work part-time doing something that gives you energy, passion and purpose.  As headhunters we know 83% of people are disengaged every day.  That’s what keeps us in business.  We’re here to give you a new perspective and an opportunity to learn new skills, you might even start seeing your work differently.

You Don't Have to Go All In ....

Start this journey part-time.  We encourage it!  Living for the weekends seems easier, when people are learning new skills and building alternatives.  This solution gives people purpose, freedom and energy.  Your family, friends and co-workers will notice the difference.

As Jim Rohn says:  I’m working full time on my job and part-time on my fortune.”

Try Working Part-time on Your Fortune

Click here to start learning how you can start moving towards living the life you've always imagined. We know people whose lives have changed forever.  Stop feeling trapped and re- ignite the passion you thought was lost forever. 

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Adrienne and Bob