With Six Figure Mentors You’re Not Alone - Wake the Fun Up

With Six Figure Mentors You’re Not Alone

How important is it for you to feel like you belong?  

Having a sense of belonging is essential for people's growth and well being. This according to Abraham Maslow ~ Hierarchy of Needs.

When did you last feel like you belonged within a community?

In a recent YouTube video Simon Sinek says our very survival depends on our feeling of belonging.  He goes on to say people don’t come to events just to hear ideas, people attend because they share similar values and beliefs.  Although people are strangers they know something about one another.  Whether people know it or not, they share similar beliefs and values.  

The Six Figure Community Provides a Sense of Community

When We Connect With People Who Believe What We Believe ...... Magic Happens ......


People trust one another. 

When People Are Comfortable People Take Risks

An Experience That United Strangers With Shared Values

People are confident to take risks, explore new ideas, experiment, because they trust people in the community to have their backs and support them if they stumble.   When we attended the Six Figure Mentor branding workshop and Momentum Day we felt like we belonged.  At the workshop we were 40 strangers when we arrived in the morning, by noon the first day we felt connected and by the end of three days, it was like we were old friends.

We Feel Comfortable in the Company of Strangers Because We Share Values

We talked about this and compared our experience with what would have happened in contrast if we had gathered 40 strangers from the airport and put them in the same room.  We believed the result would be quite different.  Even at our age we had not experienced anything quite like this and it wasn’t until we listened to Simon Sinek’s Youtube video that it made sense.

We Are Different and Come From All Walks of Life and Align Because of Similar Values

The Six Figure Mentor (SFM) community is made up of people from all walks of life.  We met trades people, engineers, lawyers, doctors and  entrepreneurs with one thing in common, we share common beliefs and values.  

Waking Our Fun Up!

Courage and Our Desire For Freedom Is a Bond

We all came together because we wanted more from life and we were all courageous enough to venture into the unknown to find it.  Six Figure Mentors could be the community to receive that sense of belonging you’ve been looking for.  

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Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Adrienne and Bob