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At the Fork … Where Do You Want to Go?

Do You Know What You Want?

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire Cat in a tree.  “Which road do I take?” She asked. His response was a question: “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know” Alice answered , “Then,” said the cat “it doesn’t matter.” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.   From Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit

At the Fork in the Road... the Cheshire cat asked Alice ... "Where do you want to go?"

Do Your Values Align With Your Choices?

A book called the Power of Curiosity by Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins, says lots of people know what they don’t want, but have difficulty articulating what they do want.  We have a far greater chance of getting what we want when our wants are aligned with our values.  We believe our values are powerful. When choices we make are out of alignment with our values something will happen to sabotage our efforts. 

A Beacon to Guide the Choices We Make

Knowing what you want as well as knowing the values these wants represent serves as a beacon that guides the choices along the way.  Making the decision to start an online business is a good example.  It was painfully clear that the recruitment industry was being disrupted by technology. If we tried to ignore what was happening all around us, our business we had worked so hard to build could disappear. We needed to create a plan B.

The First Secret of Getting What You Want is Knowing What You Want 

~ Arthur D. Hlavaty ~

What Are Your Values?

One of our values is continual learning, so in an effort to find what else was out there, we did some research.  Because we are driven to stay current, becoming an affiliate for a company that believed in the same thing was a natural fit. Another value that impacted our decision was family and spending quality time with people we love. 

How Aligned are the Choices You Make?

Online business allows us the flexibility to work when and where we want.  Helping others to have the same freedom lifestyle was further confirmation we were making the right choice. Making a difference is another value. When you are making the decision to start an online business, ask yourself if the choice you are making aligned with your values? 

Is There a Pathway For Getting What You Want? 

If yes, you’re on the right track.  If no, keep looking until something feels right. Our bodies often give us clues about whether we’re making the right choice or not.  Listen to what your body is telling you.

If You Don't Know Where You're Going ...

Unlike Alice, knowing what you want will help you make the right choice on the direction to take. When people don’t know what they want and how to get there, they will surely end up somewhere else.

... You'll End Up Somewhere Else

Starting an online business provides a pathway for us to get what we want out of life.  If your values align, this could be the same for you.

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Adrienne and Bob