Belief Can Be the First Step - Wake the Fun Up

Belief Can Be the First Step

What Do You Believe .... ?

Can You Learn New Skills?

Can you be successful? 

In this video we share thoughts and experiences around belief. This video was inspired by a couple of things that happened this week.  The first thing, we had a couple people ask, can we really do this?

You Can If You Believe You Can

Our thoughts went to a quote we believe by Henry Ford Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” 

We can talk until we’re blue in the face sharing how building a freedom lifestyle is possible.  Unless you believe it’s possible and you have the commitment to keep telling yourself it’s possible even when it’s easier to quit ... success won’t happen. 

Success Isn't Possible If People Quit

This is the simple truth.  Lots of people, we believe, start something new and quit before they give themselves a chance to be successful.  

Failure Only Happens When People Quit

Failure doesn't happen unless people decide to quit. The end goal may just take a little longer to reach.  No one knows when success will happen and often success is right around the corner. 

Children Believe

The second inspiration for this video this week, once again, is how people react to Wally Mop.  At home Wally stays in our family room on the couch, in the heart of the action. 

Children Accept Unconditionally

Last night one of our granddaughters was over for dinner.  Wally received a warm hello and a hug when our granddaughter arrived.  Our granddaughter insisted on bringing Wally outside to join the rest of the family.

Wally Has Inspired Our Imagination

You might be thinking this is a little strange how we have embraced Wally as our Wake the Fun Up mascot. We had no idea where this would lead.  Interestingly, Wally Mop has become a member of our family.  Our grown children have even embraced Wally.  

It's About Belief

As we get older and become adults, our self doubts may creep in and we may care too much about what people think. Whatever it is, Wally continues to shine a light on human behaviour, our own fears and gives us cause to reflect. 

Lessons From Kindergarten

Decades ago, I had a conversation with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, and she said something that stuck with me all these years.  She said, "I get to see the very essence of who a person is in kindergarten." 

Our Essence is at Our Very Core

The Kindergarten Teacher went on to say .... By the time a child leaves this school and goes to high school, although the essence is the same, life has already had an impact.  Children no longer exude the same youthful innocence and enthusiasm as they did in kindergarten. 

Our Essence is Within Us

We believe the essence of who we all are is still within us.  As years go on, our essence just becomes a little dim, or hidden under layers of life experience.  

Starting An Online Business?

Starting and running an online business has been a gift where we have tapped into parts of us we thought were lost.  We have renewed energy and hope.  We feel like kids again!

A Whole New Perspective

Thanks to Wally we are seeing the world from a whole new perspective.  Who knew a mop could bring out the best in people and give us new insight at our age.

So if you are one of the people who believe you can learn new skills and you have the commitment and dedication it takes to be successful,  please respond to this email and let’s chat.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bye for now.

Adrienne, Bob ..... and Wally