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Waking the Fun Up as Digital Entrepreneurs

More Time to Spend With Friends

Having Fun Being Digital Entrepreneurs Working online has given us the freedom to put fun back in our lives.  Maybe you too have the privilege of having life long friends.  It doesn’t matter how much time has passed between the last get together, it’s like no time at all.  We don’t “do” small talk, the talk […]

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Digital Marketing in the Sky

Working on a Laptop an Airplane Anywhere in the World

We are working on our digital online business 38,000 feet in the air. This may not seem like a new concept, people work on planes all the time, it seems different now. Work doesn’t seem like work anymore.  I used to think a destination was a number of movies away and now I think, a […]

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Starting Something New After Fifty

Starting a lifestyle digital marketing business after turning fifty years old

Have Passion and Fun Left the Building?Digital Marketing may be the Solution for YouWhen you have been in the same job, profession or business for 20 or 30 years it is understandable you have lost your passion or just getting bored of the same routine day after day.  If you are like me, perhaps you […]

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The Digital Solution – Taking the Plunge

Digital online business vs brick and mortar business allows for a more flexible lifestyle

Digital Marketing From Bricks and Mortar The Ripple Effect of a Changing EconomyI remember 2008 when we had 10 employees and a large office that carried with it even larger monthly costs.  When the economy collapsed it seemed no matter how hard we worked there was not enough revenue.  We were locked into the “bricks and mortar” […]

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Starting a Business/Are Your Values Aligned?

Aligning our values with our Six Figure Mentors Online Affiliate Marketing Business

When Values Align You Can SoarWhat are values anyway?Have you ever worked somewhere, felt so out of place because something just didn’t feel right? This probably means your values and the work place values were not lined up.  As recruiters, this was often the most challenging thing to get right, aligning the work place and […]

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Online Business and Working From Home

Online business and working from home allows for a flexible lifestyle

A Fork in the RoadAbout 15 years ago I was given two job offers and had to make a decision about which direction to take.  I was at a fork in the road and my choice changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined.  It seems it is only through hindsight […]

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Mother and Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Can Provide Time Freedom

Raising four daughters has been fulfilling, humbling and challenging. It’s an accumulation of experiences that has kept me young and put years on me all at the same time.  What I learned to be true:When life sends challenges I believe – this too shall pass – it usually does and we are often transformed in […]

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