Bringing Out Our Gifts Takes Dedication and Intention - Wake the Fun Up

Bringing Out Our Gifts Takes Dedication and Intention

Everyone Has Gifts

Have you ever said to yourself….that person is so lucky ….. talented …. gifted ….. funny…..?  Our trip to New Orleans showcased just how talented and gifted people are ....  How gifted we all can be, when we’re willing to commit the time to educate ourselves, practice and  grow our talents. This can mean stepping out of our comfort zone!

People Make Other People's Lives Better Everyday

People have the opportunity to impact others and make lives better everyday.  The choice is all of ours.  Thinking of Billy the Manager at BB Kings New Orleans.  Billy made an impact on us by welcoming us into the restaurant night after night.  We felt special, I gave him a hug when we left.  Thank you Billy!  Kiki is an engaging server at BB Kings made our experience memorable.  Thank you Kiki!

Simple Gestures Make a Big Difference

Susan the passionate Sommelier or "Som" as she called herself took the time to introduce herself at the Rum House in the Garden District.  Passionate about wine, she made us feel welcome.  We encountered many strangers who made our New Orleans experience better.  When people choose to use their gifts everyone benefits.

Dare to Be Different .....

New Orleans is a place where people dare to be different.  It’s a city that promotes a culture of creativity.  People are accepting rather than judging.  We watched a parade dedicated to Star Wars fans.  The streets were alive!

...... And We All Benefit!

How Will You Impact Someone Today?

Impacting people in a positive way is one of the greatest gifts our online business provides.  We notice our surroundings more than we used to.  Getting to the office was a routine we had to do. Now, we create our own routine.  Spontaneity is possible with our online business. 

You can get started living a life where you utilize your unique talents and gifts and share those with others.  Online business provides an opportunity to impact people in your way,  on your schedule.  You too can dare to be different!

Please reach out to us when you're ready to get started. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob