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Lessons Learned From a Four Year Old

The World of Selling Has Changed “When we started our online business, we were introduced to a whole new way of selling. Linkedin expert Sam Rathling said it beautifully “Social selling is the art of selling without selling”  Old school sales tactics don’t work in this digital era.  Four Year Old MagicBuilding a brand starts […]

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Online Business Gets in Your Blood

Young Kids Can Be the Greatest TeachersThey see the world clearly and say things that are unfiltered and real.  On the weekend we had the privilege of spending time with three of our four granddaughters.  The five of us set out on a mission to find “secret Santa” gifts for members of our family for […]

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Mother and Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Can Provide Time Freedom

Raising four daughters has been fulfilling, humbling and challenging. It’s an accumulation of experiences that has kept me young and put years on me all at the same time.  What I learned to be true:When life sends challenges I believe – this too shall pass – it usually does and we are often transformed in […]

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