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Consistent Action is the Road to Success Online

Success and Consistent Action Are Closely AlignedWhen we first started our online business, it felt like we were pushing an enormous bolder up a steep hill. What we needed to accomplish was so overwhelming, at times, we felt like stopping. By keeping our eye on our goal and by making a promise to ourselves to […]

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Soar Like an Eagle in This Digital Era

Learn New Skills and Soar Like an EagleHappy New Year Everyone!  We believe 2021 will be a year we look back and reflect with new insight about ourselves and others. Thankful everyday that our family and friends are healthy, we have learned and experienced things we would never have anticipated this time last year. Because […]

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Break Free From All the Clutter

Lessons Show Up in Mysterious WaysHave you ever started a project and experienced “aha” moments?  We transformed our cluttered garage into a fun place to hang and that’s what happened.  This project was symbolic of the transformation we experienced on our online journey. Our online business let us break free! Our Garage Project Was Symbolic […]

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Transformation in These Uncertain Times

What are We to Learn When Little Makes Sense?What can we learn when the world seems to be upside down? Ideologies we’ve relied on, perhaps even taken for granted are being challenged. People in powerful positions are acting in ways we’ve never experienced. We ask ourselves, what are we to learn in these challenging times […]

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A Sense of Belonging is Connected to Happiness

People Crave to Have a Sense of BelongingA sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Having a sense of belonging gives people meaning and contributes to people’s happiness. We believe the feeling of belonging brings people joy and helps people make sense out of difficult situations. Without […]

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Knowing Where You Want to Go

Where Do You Want to Go?Knowing where you want to go is an essential first step for success on your online journey. An excerpt from a discussion between the Cheshire Cat and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland ~ “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good […]

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Trusting Your Intuition Is More Important Than Ever!

There are Eyes and Ears EverywhereSometimes life gives us lessons in unusual ways. Yesterday I had a lesson about trust and privacy. In this digital era, everything we say and do can be used for good or evil.No More Privacy in This Digital EraYesterday, a seemingly innocent conversation I had with my daughter in public […]

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Just the Right Amount of Patience!

Too Much Patience Will Keep You StuckPatience, is a funny thing. When people have too much patience, people stay in the same place and never achieve their dreams. The same is true when people don’t have enough patience, people may give up too easily and not achieve their dreams either. For Patience to Work It Needs […]

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In an Instant Life Changed and We Were Grateful

The Instant It HappenedYesterday our lives changed in an instant! Those life changing moments, sneak  up when you least expect them. Moments like these really shine light on what’s really important. Yesterday  seemed like a normal day.  We worked a little in the morning, had breakfast with one of our daughters, doing errands, getting ready […]

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