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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Life’s purpose is something that we all have, but often there are distractions and interruptions that prevent us from pursuing our true calling and taking steps towards living it.Taking Steps Towards Living Your Life’s PurposeMost people have worked 9-5 jobs, thinking that it was just a necessary part of life and everyone does it. The […]

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Are You Staying on the Sidelines or Engaging?

Focusing on What’s Really ImportantAs we continue to wrestle with isolation and an uncertain future, it seems people continue to think about what’s really important.  Perhaps this helps to balance and perhaps counteract all the uncertainty that surrounds us. Focusing on what’s important is a stabilizing force that allows us to remain grounded during these […]

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A Staycation Lets People Relax and Reset

Did you know 54% of Americans feel guilty about taking a vacation? According to our research the United States is the only country that doesn’t require people take time off.  France requires people take 30 days of vacation time a year, Austria 25.A Staycation Could Be the Way to GoIn these times of uncertainty where […]

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People Choose Courage Over Fear

Courage over Fear ~ You ChooseIn uncertain times it’s difficult to choose courage when feeling fearful. Pulling the blankets up over our heads can seem like the best option.   Fear has the power to build barriers and stop us in our tracks. To paraphrase motivational speaker Danny Cox, fear is a stone mason with […]

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Living a Laptop Lifestyle is Full of “Firsts”

When was the last time you experienced a first? Seems like an odd question, on this trip in New Orleans we have realized just how important “firsts” are and how they contribute to the richness of our lives.  If life was just a series of same old same old, life would be boring.  A laptop lifestyle […]

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Our Authentic Self Gives Us Wake Up Calls

Embracing Our Authentic SelfAs humans it can be a journey to find and embrace our authentic selves.  For decades we have become used to acting certain ways to fit in with friends, family and colleagues.  We become adept at this.  Most people get lots of practice. This process, we believe starts long before preschool. Learning How […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

On Christmas Eve we were downtown Vancouver wearing flashing lights and reindeer glasses and everyone we met smiled.  It was a good reminder to always be yourself and not take yourself too seriously.Always be yourself and try not to take yourself too seriously!To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you […]

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Two Must-Haves to Be Successful Online

Without These Two Things Success Won’t HappenThanks to all of you who answered our survey questions and set up time to speak with us. 100% of you said you want to know what it takes to be successful online. In this video we will talk about two things you need to be successful, without these […]

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Five Regrets People Have in Their Final Days

This video is worth watching … it’s an inspiring message to help us all avoid life time regrets. Lots of us have regrets.  There’s still time to make things right.  We share 5 things that an Australian nurse documented as being the greatest regrets people voice in their final hours.  We can all make some […]

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