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Working From Home With Your Partner?

How’s That Going?The other day we spoke about the challenges as well as the benefits to working from home. Today we’re sharing experiences working together from home.  For the longest time, I worked at home by myself while Bob commuted to the office.  One day we asked ourselves why are we paying unnecessary overhead expenses? […]

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Creativity Can Help With Feelings of Angst

People are Feeling Like MachinesIn a study by Deloitte, “angst” describes how people in the workplace are feeling today.  This state of “angst” is due to increased competition, increased interconnectedness and constant disruption because of technology.  People feel more and more like machines.  The uncertainty of our times continues to compound these feelings.This Leads to […]

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Focus Can Lead to Freedom in the Digital Era

Focusing in Times of ChangeIndustrial Revolution In the book The Focus Effect, authors Greg Wells and Bruce Bowser write, we are living through a cultural change similar to what happened during the Industrial revolution one hundred years ago . The beginning of machinery required factories and the majority of the population shifted its focus from agriculture […]

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Waking the Fun Up as Digital Entrepreneurs

More Time to Spend With Friends

Having Fun Being Digital Entrepreneurs Working online has given us the freedom to put fun back in our lives.  Maybe you too have the privilege of having life long friends.  It doesn’t matter how much time has passed between the last get together, it’s like no time at all.  We don’t “do” small talk, the talk […]

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The Digital Solution – Taking the Plunge

Digital online business vs brick and mortar business allows for a more flexible lifestyle

Digital Marketing From Bricks and Mortar The Ripple Effect of a Changing EconomyI remember 2008 when we had 10 employees and a large office that carried with it even larger monthly costs.  When the economy collapsed it seemed no matter how hard we worked there was not enough revenue.  We were locked into the “bricks and mortar” […]

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Living the Laptop Lifestyle

Laptop Lifestyle - personal freedom to work anywhere in the world

Is your life everything you imagined? Are you able to do the things you want, work when you want from wherever you are in the world? A laptop lifestyle can provide this freedom if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort required to learn new skills.Our StoryWe are entrepreneurs who own a recruitment […]

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