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Change Happens When the Time is Right

Courage Builds Over Time

Having the courage to change doesn’t happen over night, courage builds over time.  As executive recruiters our career has been based on knowing people change when the pain of staying still is greater than the pain of taking a leap into the unknown.

Change Happens When We Least Expect It

It all comes down to timing.  People go about their daily routine until they receive an email or a phone call from a recruiter that will change their life.  That’s all it takes to turn someone’s day upside-down and send them in a whole new direction.  

You Are Here For a Reason

Think about it, you’re here because you saw a video.  The catalyst for change is usually simple….an email, phone call, casual comment or video.   If you’re ready and the timing is right,  change can happen quickly.

According to a 2017 Gallop pole only 15% of people are engaged at work.  This is good for the recruitment industry but sad to know so many people spend much of their day going through the motions.

A Recruitment Story

A story from our executive recruitment business, a candidate got down to the offer letter stage. This candidate was excited about the role and our client was excited about the difference this person could make in the company.  

Fear Can Keep Us Standing Still

When it came down to the time to sign, this candidate couldn’t do it.  This person was so immobilized by fear, he wasn’t able to take a leap into the unknown.

We knew the candidate would regret his decision one day and told him so.  We have heard from this candidate several times since that day.  As we suspected, he remains full of regret for not having the courage to take the leap into the unknown.  We believe it’s often those decisions that we are too afraid to make that we regret the most.

You Can Walk Before You Run

Great news, when you decide to start an online business you can ease in, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision. It’s really the best of all worlds. You can continue doing what you are currently doing while exploring the possibilities the online world has to offer.

Earn As You Learn

You don’t have to be immobilized by fear like our candidate was.  You can learn as you earn and gradually blend the known with the unknown.  Once you get to the point where you are able to replace your current income with the income you make online you can make the decision to go "all in."

Please reach out to us so we can learn about you and what brought you to this place.

Bye for now! 

Adrienne and Bob