Consumer Behaviour Has Changed a Lot - Wake the Fun Up

Consumer Behaviour Has Changed a Lot

Our Current Reality 

If someone told us the world would change overnight, we wouldn’t have believed it.  Yet, here we are living in a different world than most of us could have imagined. We find ourselves wondering what the world will look like when we get to the other side.  Our communities are already looking different as respected, long standing retailers board their windows.  We suspect this is for both security and privacy reasons. Perhaps all the stock is now being sold online.

Change is Accelerating Everyday

A recent Mckinsey & Company article reads; "Amid this human cost, companies are also starting to come to terms with the impact of the crisis on their businesses. With offline shopping collapsing, companies’ strategies will need to focus on fortifying their web presence and, in some cases, building an online business."  Change that may have taken a few years, is happening within a few weeks.

People are Now Buying Products From Amazon That They Didn't Before

People Have Been Forced to Stay Home and Watch Movies Online

Collectively Our Buying Habits Also Changed

It’s fascinating to watch how collectively our buying habits have changed dramatically.  To mention a few, 54% of us are no longer considering purchasing big ticket items. 40% of people surveyed are unsure environmentally friendly cleaning products are effective in protecting against viruses and bacteria.  Oat milk sales have increased by 428% in the last few weeks because of extended shelf life.....

Where's the Opportunity?

Every shift of behaviour is a possible business opportunity. The business world is extremely fluid as a result of this crisis. With that, comes both challenge and opportunity.  For example, 31% of woman have now stopped wearing make-up.  Maybe women feel they don’t have to dress-up now that they are no longer in the office.  Maybe people feel the image they project over the computer is different than it is in person. 

People Still Make Judgements Online or Offline ~ So Always Dress for Success

The Power of Non-verbal Communication

For years we have been interviewing people online.  As executive recruiters, we know how we present online is equally as important as how we present in person.  How we look has a lot to do with how we feel.  As humans, most of us judge.  Body language, both online and offline speaks volumes.  People who have smiles on their faces online send out a very different message from those who are frowning.

Demand For Grocery Delivery Has Increased

Finding Innovative Ways to Continue to Best Serve the Customer

Start "Reading Between the Lines"

Most people have been thrown into this work from home life with absolutely no rule book.  And lots of people are learning as they go. We mention this as an example of a potential new business idea.  Perhaps it’s a coaching business, a dress for online success business, how to create your best online image …… the point is, new opportunities will present themselves when we’re ready to see them! You might discover a passion you didn’t know you had.

These are Difficult Times

We aren't taking COVID-19 lightly.  This is a serious situation when people will experience unimaginable pain.  This experience will change and transform all of us in some way.  

This is a Time of Exploration and Discovery

We encourage you to take this time to explore, to look between the lines.  Maybe you will discover your unique way of making a difference ...  a new way to make the world a better place. These are both scary and exciting times. Looking for new and emerging opportunities can help people remain positive in these scary and difficult times. 

Finding Innovative Ways to Continue to Create Community Online

Consumer Demand is Changing in This Crisis

Online is Where It's At!

The one thing we know for sure, there is no more denying online is where it’s at.  Learn how to start and build an online business today just by clicking this link. Please reach out by responding to this email. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,

Adrienne and Bob