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Today’s Decisions Create Tomorrow’s Biographies

The hero’s journey is the core of every successful movie, biography or youtube video.  We are the heroes of our own stories and have the power to change the script along the way.

Movie and video creators, authors follow the hero's journey because it works.  All of us can relate because we are on our own hero's journey. 

Here Are Some of Our Favourite "Hero Journey" Movies 

We are all heroes on our own journeys

The Journey is Cyclical...It Begins...It Ends...It Begins Again 

This journey has a lot of similarities to the online journey.  One video started us on the road to transformation.  At first, the path was unpredictable and scary.  With conviction, perseverance and time, the road has become easier and easier. 

We are forever changed!

Ordinary World

The hero exists here before the story begins, oblivious of the adventures to come.  It's a safe place, representing status quo. The hero has no idea what lies ahead.

Call To Adventure

The hero's adventure begins when he/she receives a call to action, such as a direct threat to his/her safety, family, way of life.  This  disrupts the comfort of the hero's life and presents a challenge that must be undertaken.

Refusal Of The Call

Although the hero may be eager to accept the quest, at this stage he/she has fears that need overcoming.  Fear comes in the form of second thoughts or deep personal doubts. The problem may seem too much to handle.  The comfort of home is far more attractive than the challenging road ahead.

This is where most people are stopped in their tracks .... unless .... they meet a mentor.

Meeting The Mentor

At this crucial turning point,  the hero needs guidance.  This could be given in the form of an object, insight, wise advice, practical training or self-confidence.  Whatever the mentor provides, the hero breaks free from doubts and fears and has the strength and courage to begin the journey.

Crossing The Threshold

The hero is now ready to act upon the call and begin the journey.  This could be a physical, spiritual or emotional call.  He/she may go willingly or pushed.  Either way, the hero crosses the threshold between the known and the unknown.  

Tests, Allies, Enemies

Now, out of his/her comfort zone the hero is confronted with an ever more difficult series of challenges that test in many ways.  Obstacles are thrown across the path. The hero must overcome each challenge along the journey towards the ultimate goal.

Approach To The Inner-Most Cave

The inner-most cave may represent many things in the hero's story like fear and self-doubt. These feelings surfaced when the hero was called to this adventure.  As the hero approaches the cave he/she must make final preparations before taking the final leap into the great unknown.

The hero may need some time to reflect upon the journey to find the courage to continue. 


The ordeal may be a dangerous physical test or a deep inner crisis that the hero must face to get to the other side.  The hero must draw upon skills and experiences gathered along the path to overcome challenges. 

The Hero is Reborn

This re-birth grants the power or insight to fulfill his/her destiny.  This is the high-point of the hero's story.  Everything is on the line.  Failure could mean death.  Either way life will never be the same again.

Reward (Seizing The Sword)

After defeating the enemy, surviving death and overcoming great personal challenge, the hero is ultimately transformed.   

The Road Back

The hero returns home with the reward but this time the anticipation of danger is replaced with acclaim or vindication. The moment before the hero finally commits to the last stage of the journey, the hero chooses between personal gain or higher purpose.


Ultimately the hero succeeds, destroys the enemy and emerges from battle cleansed and reborn.

Return With The Elixir

The hero returns home changed.  He/she has grown as a person, learned and grown, faced many challenges.  This is the beginning of a new life.  The return brings fresh hope and a solution to problems the hero left behind. The hero brings a new perspective for everyone to consider.

Ready to Take the Leap?

The hero's journey is difficult.  It's one that's life changing for the hero as well as all those in the hero's life.  Please reach out to us when you're ready to start your hero's journey by accepting your call to adventure.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Adrienne & Bob

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