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Developing a Whatever It Takes Mindset

Five Tips For Developing a "Winning Mindset"

One thing that helps people achieve the dream of living their ideal life is to develop a “do whatever it takes mindset.”  Mindset is about not settling for mediocrity.  A person with a “do whatever it takes mindset” knows what he or she needs to do and then does it with conviction, no matter how difficult.  It may sound simple, but not everyone has the necessary attitude or courage to do whatever it takes.

If you’re someone who wants to work on developing a “do whatever it takes mindset” here are a few tips to help you get there.  

1) When you want it, own it! 

If you really want to live a life of freedom and flexibility tell yourself, “I will travel more and I will spend more quality time with friends and family."   Whatever freedom and flexibility looks like for you.  It’s about doing something every day that moves you closer to your goal.  This takes passion and relentless conviction.  In this business, there is no faking desire.  It’s a fire that comes from within.

2) If risk scares you, look fear in the face and move forward. 

Sometimes we avoid taking risks because we tell ourselves stories like, we’re too old, we don’t have time, what will people think? The thing is, if we really want to achieve our dreams we need to face our fear and learn to take risks.  Education helps to alleviate fear, if you want to be something else, do something else to learn how.

That's where Six Figure Mentors comes in.  The education we receive and the community are essential for success. The leaders know what it takes to be successful.  Although all our businesses are ultimately our responsibility, we are guided by SFM leaders along the way.

3) Learn from mistakes and use these mistakes to be better.  

Failure is not a reason to quit, it’s reason to leverage this experience and turn it into wisdom. Somehow it’s about finding a way to move forward towards our dreams.  Shift the paradigm and think of your mistakes as stepping stones to success.

4) Be Open to Changing Course to Reach Your Destination.  

Think about the last time you were stuck in traffic.  When you were sitting at a stand still, did you try to figure out another route to get where you’re going?  The same thing applies to developing a “what ever it takes mindset”.  There is more than one way to reach your destination,  if something isn’t working figure out another way.

5) Believe Quitting Isn’t an Option.  

Developing a “whatever it takes mindset” doesn’t depend on what you want in life but on how much you want it.  We could be a few steps away from our dreams.  We’re here to help you achieve your dreams.

Please reach out to us anytime, we'd like to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Adrienne and Bob