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Digital Entrepreneurs Who Work From Anywhere

As Digital Entrepreneurs we can work from anywhere.

The Courage to Keep Growing 

The Tuesday after Labour Day seems to me like a time of new beginnings.  With a new year of school about to start, perhaps we have all been conditioned to think September is a time to try something new.

New Beginnings

One of my most memorable Septembers was the year I went away to University. At age 19, I left home for a University I was attending on my own.  My friends had decided to stay home or go somewhere else.  My Mom and my brother drove me to school, when they drove away all I could think of was “Oh no, now what”!?Doing my best to choke back tears, I headed to my room located in residence. On the way up to the 12th floor, I met my first friend in the elevator.  She too was away from home for the first time.  Our vulnerability and our willingness to reach out to one another was the start of our friendship.  Within minutes we were walking to the student pub located on campus and I was no longer alone.  My time at University ended up being one of my favourite times in my life.

The Courage to Face Our Fear

For me, there is power in doing something that scares me every day because it forces me to keep growing.  Our journey to become online entrepreneurs has been an exciting and scary journey.  Just like arriving at University, having the courage to be vulnerable, the digital world has pushed us far outside our comfort zone.  Here I sit blogging, imagine, I just learned what blogging meant a couple years ago.  It is wonderful to reminisce about days gone by, it’s a privilege to take the time to reflect.  For me, it’s a chance to appreciate all the little choices that contribute to who I am today.

Personal Freedom to Work Anywhere 

We are thankful we faced our fear to become digital entrepreneurs.  Just like on that first day of University, far too many decades ago to mention, we are not alone.  When we need help we reach out to the Six Figure Mentor community, a group of like minded individuals who are willing to help us on our digital journey. We continue to learn, and the best thing, we can earn as we learn!  

We faced our fear and we are in one of our favourite chapters of our lives where we have the personal freedom to work from anywhere.

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Adrienne and Bob Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Adrienne & Bob

We are digital entrepreneurs who took a courageous leap to start our online business. We have owned an executive recruitment company for over twenty years. The industry is being rapidly disrupted by technology. As a result of the skills we have learned our recruitment business is 100% virtual. Both of our businesses allow us flexibility to work when and where we want and do the things we enjoy.