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Digital Transformation is More Than Technical

Preparing For What's Ahead

Are you ready for what’s ahead?  This COVID crisis has forced businesses to either change or risk distinction. Businesses no longer have the gift of time to ponder whether digital transformation is the right thing...not only is it right, it's essential for survival.

Accelerating Times Ahead

There’s an image floating around LinkedIn and Twitter asking people what inspired their digital transformation. Was it 1. CEO 2. CTO or 3. Covid-19?  One Forbes contributor Andrew Filev in his column “COVID-19 Is A Before and After Moment In The Digital Transformation” sees the most drastic change in four areas:  1. telecommuting  2. on-demand food and services  3. virtual events 4. the cloud.


Many people in industries - that formerly prohibited it - are now working from home. From bankers, engineers, professional services,  almost every teacher - work-life has changed for most of us.  Additionally we are telecommuting with our friends, spending time with friends and family on video calls as well, to avoid complete isolation.

On-Demand Food and Services

Grocery delivery is now the norm for many people. One of our daughters hasn’t visited a grocery store in two months. Groceries arrive just outside the garage where cleaning and sanitizing begins before products enter the house. With most of the world under strict at-home orders, if businesses don't alter the way products and services are delivered, they'll soon be out of business. 

Virtual Events

With no one flying, and gatherings prohibited, the events industry changed overnight.  Many companies have been forced to shift to digital events or digital content.  People are interacting online more now than ever before, both professionally and personally. Done correctly these virtual events can be both productive and meaningful. Time will tell just how much the event industry will be changed as a result of the COVID crisis.

The Cloud

The Cloud has enabled collaboration between coworkers.  Documents can be shared securely and co-edited.  People are able to meet in real-time and continue to share ideas, be productive and work collaboratively. Right now the luxury of walking down he hall for a quick chat with a co-worker is gone. It will be interesting to see when people try to return to work,  how much they will prefer the way they are now conducting business.

You may be surprised to learn, digital transformation is not about technology. It’s about people! Of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on DT last year, it was estimated that $900 billion went to waste. That was in 2019. The world has changed since then. 

People May Sabotage Change

When people perceive that digital transformation could threaten their jobs, they may consciously or unconsciously resist change. When the digital transformation ends up being a failure, everyone returns to status quo…. or at least that was the theory. Resisting change is no longer an option, because resisting change threatens the very existence of a company after COVID.

Challenge and Opportunity

Leaders have the opportunity recognize these fears and emphasize digital transformation is an opportunity for people to upgrade their expertise and acquire necessary skills in this digital era. People need the right mindset for digital transformation to happen.  Leaders also need to change their mindset.  Adapting to change with the ability to pivot are skills required in todays world.

Our Question For You?

So the question …. Are you ready?  Are you ready to work in a world that’s changed?  Ready to adapt and pivot in a world that’s different than the one you left behind two months ago?  Do you have the skills you will require in todays world?  

Now’s the time.  You can acquire skills you need for success in this digital era by clicking  this link.

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