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Endings Are Just New Beginnings

Creating a New Normal

Have you had something come to an abrupt stop and you need to work through creating a new normal?  It’s all part of being human.  We had a situation that happened last week that reminds us to be thankful every day for what we have.  It also reminded us that creating a new normal is a process.  Endings can also open doors to new and exciting possibilities. 

People Bond When Values Align

As you probably know, we spend a lot of our time in one particular coffee shop.  It has become a community within a community.  Over the years we have become friends with other regulars. Even when our dog became sick we bonded instantly with someone who could relate to what we were going through.  This person had loved and lost pets too and understood our pain.

An Abrupt Ending to Much More Than a Cup of Coffee

Well, a week ago we were told abruptly that our coffee shop was closing after 27 years.  Our coffee shop has been open for longer than two of our children have been alive and a few of the regulars have been there the entire time.  

And We Go Our Separate Ways....

On Sunday, we were at our coffee shop for the last hour, drinking our last cup of coffee with friends. While we were there construction workers took down the sign and started putting brown paper on the windows.

..... All Our Lives Changed In Some Way

Although a closing coffee shop is a small thing in the whole scheme of things, it’s a good reminder of how important community is and how special it is when strangers become friends. Whether it's sharing a space, a coffee and/or values we all had something in common.

~ New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings ~

Lao Tzu

When Have You Experienced These Feelings?

Maybe you’re experiencing these same feelings as you contemplate starting an online business. For us, starting our online business was also a process in creating a new normal.  Finding time in our existing day to dedicate to our new business venture was challenging at first.  Our online business required time and commitment.  This meant changing well entrenched habits.

Community Contributes to Success

Just like our coffee shop experience where we now need to create new habits, starting our online business required the same thing.  Community plays a big part too.  Similar to our coffeeshop experience, strangers have become friends in our online business too.  We have become friends with people from all over the world.  We are connected to a community of people  who are willing to help us on our journey.  We enjoy helping people on theirs.

Benefits Far Greater Than Imagined

Today, we can’t imagine a life where our online business isn’t a part of it.  Our online business has been a gift.  We see the world differently.  As a result we show up in the world differently.  It’s quite amazing.  Our primary goal to start our online business was to make money.  The benefits to our online business have been far greater than that!

Let's Get Started!

You can get started by clicking this link.   When you’re ready to end some existing habits and create new ones,  please reach out to us by responding to this email.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob