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Fearing Judgement When Starting an Online Business

Have you ever wondered “what will people think?” 

We sure have.  When we first started our online business we didn’t tell our friends or family we were venturing Into the digital world.  It took being sure enough in our conviction that we had made the right decision.  Even when we did decide to tell our friends and family, it was scary….what would they think?

Do you know people who have an online business? 

If you’re like us, we don't know anyone who has their own online business.  No wonder lots of us are fearful when we tell people what we’re doing.  Online business still isn’t mainstream and there are lots of people who are quite happy to keep it that way.

Maintaining Status Quo Keeps Us All In Our Comfort Zone  

Some people are threatened when friends or family venture out of this safe place.  This safe place called tradition.  Upsetting what’s “normal or expected”  may cause some people to feel a little uncomfortable.  Most people in our experience are happier doing what they have always done instead of venturing into the unknown.  

The Fear of Being Judged is Real 

It’s easier to judge from the outside looking in than have the courage to make a change. Venturing into the unknown often means taking a leap of faith.  

The Power of Conviction and Commitment

Carrying Wally wherever we go is a good reminder of our commitment to our online business. We know we are being judged, we can see judgement in people’s faces sometimes, not often…but sometimes.  Wally reminds us of the power of commitment and conviction to keep doing something we know is right, even when other’s don’t see it.

Starting and Running an Online Business Takes Courage

We were attracted to online business because it's not mainstream….there in lies the opportunity. That’s the upside!  The downside, you may have to live with judgement from others.  This takes courage and a conviction within yourself.   We  can tell you from experience this becomes much easier over time.

Let's Connect

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Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Bye for now!

Adrienne, Bob ....... and Wally