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Feeling Isolated and Alone Working at Home?

Even a Little Freaked Out By Working At Home?

How many of you have been asked to work from home because of COVID -19?  Suddenly you’re forced out of your comfort zone, and you’re feeling lost.  You enjoy seeing your work friends every day.  You already miss hearing what’s happening in your friend’s lives.  Now you’re sitting all alone in your place with no one to talk to. You're feeling isolated and lonely!

The Adjustment You’re Going Through is Normal

Changing any routine takes time. You’re creating a new normal. Cut yourself some slack. It takes time to find your “groove.”  Each day will feel a little more natural.  Our focus increased when we started working from home.  The temptation to socialize is gone for now.

Beware of the Home Office Trap!

Be aware. There are lots of other distractions working from home.  There’s laundry to do, cleaning, cooking, exercise, a favourite Netflix series to watch…. the list is endless.  Things we used to leave for the weekend, we can integrate into our work day. This is a trap!

… And how to avoid it?!

We’ve learned to set daily goals.  Only when these goals are met, do we give ourselves freedom to do other things.  We find it’s good to reward yourself by doing something you may not have had time for before.  Give yourself permission to celebrate by doing something you enjoy once daily goals are met.

The "Double Edge Sword" of the Home Office

The good news ... no one is telling you what to do. This is also the bad news.  An idea that’s worked for us, find an accountability partner.  Amazingly,  people remain more focused on goals when they know they are accountable to someone besides themselves.  There is no where to hide. 

What You’ll Discover With Time …

It won’t be long before you realize working from home boosts productivity.  Your commute takes a minute rather than a couple hours.  At the end of week, you’ll feel energized rather than drained.  Mondays won’t loom large like they used to.  People can work during their most productive times, feel good about themselves for a job well done.  Most importantly working from home helps people regain balance in their lives.

… That Could Change You Forever

This experience will transform you.  Warning ...  you won’t be able to put the genie back in the bottle.  Once you’ve had a taste of this freedom, it’s difficult to go back to a structured work day where someone else is making the rules.

The Community is Here to Help

When you’re interested in learning how to create your life on your terms, click this link and start building your online business today.  Learn new skills part-time.  There is a global community of people just like you.  You’re surrounded with people who are at different stages of the journey. People are ready and willing to help you on yours. 

Has COVID-19 Caused You to Be With Your Spouse 24/7?

That's could be the biggest adjustment of all!  In our next video/blog we'll share how we've managed to work together .... and still keep our relationship alive.

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