Five Steps to Wake the Fun Up! - Wake the Fun Up

Five Steps to Wake the Fun Up!

1) Quit worrying about what people think 

As we get older we realize more and more how people are far too absorbed in their own life to care about ours.  So when you ask yourself…. If I do something …..what will people think?  We believe that unless something you do affects another person directly, people aren’t giving you any thought at all.  

There was something really fun about being in pjs all Christmas Day .... eating Christmas dinner in pjs was a highlight!

Having fun is contagious for every generation!

2) Take money out of the equation  

Fun doesn’t have to be expensive  Some of the best things in life really are free! It’s often just about doing the simple things with people we care about.  Lasting memories happen with communication and genuine connection.

3) Be spontaneous

We believe fun happens when we put spontaneity into the picture.  People can stay in their comfort zones and repeat daily routines over and over.  Shake things up a little and do something different.  That's how memories happen.

Fun is good ~ Dr. Seuss

Have fun ... lots of it ~ Toni Payne

4) Unplug and stay in the moment

The only moment we can be sure of is the one we are in right now.  Put your phones away and really be with the people you’re with.  If someone really needs to connect they’ll find a way.  Commit to giving someone your undivided attention.

Today I will stay in the moment unless it's unpleasant in which case I will eat a cookie ~ Cookie Monster

5) Do something that puts you out of your comfort zone

The Christmas lights that we are all wearing put a smile on our faces as well as on the faces of people we met.  Having fun is contagious.  By pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone,  it inspires others to do the same.

"No one gets out of here alive.  " You've got one life, and it's short.  Enjoy it.  It is possible to take something seriously and still inject some fun and humour into it ~ Jim Morrison

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