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Four Questions to Ponder When Moving Forward

We share “four questions to ponder” from motivational speaker Jim Rohn.  

The first question is why?  

Why read books?  Why work hard?  Why develop skills?  Why influence people?  Why earn more money? 

The second question is why not?

The best answer to the first question is the second question which is why not?  Why not develop skills? Why not bring valuable insight to friends and family?  Why not make a difference?  Why not earn more?  Why not change people’s lives?

The third question is why not you?  

Why not start to change?  Why not make progress towards achieving your goals?  Why not change people’s lives?  Why not make a difference? 

The fourth question to ponder is why not now? 

Why not enjoy life now?  Why not have a great time doing the things on your bucket list?  Why not grow?  Why not be all you can be personally and professionally?

How to Achieve True Happiness

Jim Rohn goes on to say true happiness is not what you become but what you are becoming.  The challenge of life….you can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.   Jim Rohn says unless you change you will always have what you’ve got.

The Journey is the Destination

When we first started with Six Figure Mentors (SFM) we had no idea where the journey would lead.  Starting our online business, we didn’t know just how much the journey would contribute to our personal growth and happiness …. even at our age!

How Things Have Changed

Conversations we have with one another, with our family and our friends are different.  Probably because we're always looking for new ideas, learning new skills and we’re excited about what we do every day.  We have learned this is a journey.

You Can Earn as You Learn

Like Jim Rohn’s first question, we have needed to know our Why?  This has allowed us to successfully tackle the learning curve and earn as we learn.  And you can too!  Ponder these questions and when you do, we hope this leads you to the decision to start your online business.

We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Adrienne and Bob