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How Are You Changing With These Changing Times?

Trusting The Ideas That Appear Are the Right Ones

Often on the days we create a blog, we have no idea what the blog will be about.  Then, magically as we begin to research, ideas almost jump out of the computer.  Perhaps we should be more strategic, more deliberate with our ideas, we trust the ideas that come to us in the moment are the right ones.  So, we continue to let blogging happen organically .

Finding Inspiration From Our Surroundings

Because nothing makes sense in these difficult times, inspiration comes from things we read, observe or overhear on our walks and on our trips to the grocery store.  Late last week, we were amazed to see the number of people gathered on the beach and the grass covered areas. Looking more closely, people were staying the required two meters from one another.  Still, this large number of people gathered together was surprising.

Humans Require Connection

It seems people so desperately need connection, the benefits of being in the comfort of strangers and in distant contact with friends outweighs the risk. This appears to be one way people are getting through these tough times. 

In this blog we share additional ways to get through these uncertain times:

Be Creative

It’s easy to feel powerless in this time.  Most of us are watching the news and what’s going on around us and there’s really nothing we can do about it.  One way to counteract this feeling of helplessness is to be creative

Adversity and Change Creating Monumental Success

“A great example of being creative during a difficult time is the story behind Wrigley’s gum. The founder, William Wrigley Jr. was a soap and baking powder salesman in the 1890’s and he always offered free gum to all of his clients.  With his career as a salesman taking a turn for the worst, he noticed one thing that forever changed his life; people loved the gum he gave away more than the products he was actually selling. It was that one creative insight that got him through that difficult time and made him a monumental success.” 

A room in the Wrigley House where foil gum wrappers are used as wallpaper

The Wrigley story is an example of what's possible in times when adversity and creativity come together.  Tough times have a way of shining light on what's possible.

Learning in These Difficult Times

“Facing difficulties is inevitable, learning from them is optional” – John Maxwell

We hope none of us will have to live through a crisis of this proportion again. This experience will change all of us in some way. Will this experience contribute to making you more of who you are, and who you want to be? Or, will it take you further away?

Recognize You’ve Come Along Way …

It’s sometimes easy to focus on the things we don’t have rather than the things we do. This is a time to “take stock” of all the good things in our lives.  This thing called life isn’t easy and most of us have experienced many challenges to get to this place.  Give yourself a pat on your back for getting this far. 

What Got You Here Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go…..

The game has changed. 

This from a current Mckinsey & Company article:

“Stores and offices are mostly closed. Telecommuting is the norm. Consumers buy what they can online. When the crisis ends, will companies willingly spend large sums of money on big offices? Will employees accept the daily commute and consumers shop in physical stores? Will the economy return to business as usual?”

How will you fit into the next normal?  It's time to ask yourself some tough questions.

We'll leave you with a final thought from a poem by Mary Oliver:

Doesn't everything die at last and too soon?  Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Please reach out by responding to this email.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and how you are coping in these changing times.

Adrienne and Bob 

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