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How Are You Feeling As We Transition?

We're All Being Reminded of How the World's Changed

As talk around the globe starts to focus on getting back to a more normal way of life, we find ourselves wondering if the time is right.  When we’re out walking we give people space and we “stay in our lane” and are respectful of distance.  Every time we move over, perhaps walk on the street to give people the whole sidewalk, it’s a reminder that the coronavirus is still in our midst. Wearing gloves and masks while grocery shopping also reminds us the threat to our health still exists.

Dealing With Feelings of Fear

So how do we transition back to our regular lives when lots of people don’t have the confidence it’s the right thing to do?  As humans, our very survival depends on our ability to react in situations where we feel threatened. The desire for “fight or flight” is very real. 

Is It Too Early to Transition?

Fight or Flight Response

The fight or flight response plays a critical role in how we deal with stress and danger in our environment. This response prepares the body to either fight or flee the threat. This response can be triggered due to both real and imaginary threats.

Constantly Aware

If you’re like us, there is a constant voice in our heads telling us to be cautious and remain vigilant. As human beings we are hard-wired to respond to threats, to protect ourselves.  It’s difficult to do when the threat is invisible, potentially life threatening and far-reaching. 

Social Distancing Continues in Kitsilano Vancouver

A Feeling of Lack of Control

This is tiring and overtime, we believe this can play havoc on our emotions and our mental health.  What we realized we are dealing with is a feeling of lack of control.  When we’re home, we control our surroundings, when we’re out, although we take precautions, there’s no real control.  In the case of Covid-19, because our knowledge of the disease is still evolving, there is still so much we can’t control.

The Feeling of Lack of Control

“You cannot control every single risk that comes your way in life, and  continue to lead a meaningful and productive life.  In this time of uncertainty, we are surrounded by so many things we aren't able to control.  What we find most helpful is focusing on the things we can control.

Focus on What You Can Control

Focusing on what we can control means limiting the amount of media coverage.  Stay informed and let go of all the rest.  Common sense things like washing our hands more often and avoiding large gatherings will apply for quite some time.  As people, we can control the little choices we make every day to stay healthy.

Invest in Yourself By Using This Gift of Time Wisely

Maintaining Balance and Stay Connected

Staying connected is another key to taking back control. Social distancing is not the same as social isolation.  Health experts say it’s crucial to not let panic take over our decision-making and rational thought processes.  The price we could pay is “much greater than the threat the virus poses.”

How Will You Answer the Question?

Take back control by preparing yourself for what’s ahead. This is the time to learn skills you will need for success in this digital era. We will all look back at this time, probably with some disbelief.  Grandchildren and great-grandchildren will ask us all about what was it like. What will be your answer ? Did you use this time wisely? Will you wish you had done something differently?

Taking Action

By being told we must work from home and distance ourselves from others, we have been given the opportunity to stop the rat-race.  What have you been doing with this gift of time?  Part of taking back control is taking action.  

Taking action helps to bring back a feeling of control.

Preparing Yourself For What's Ahead

Transitioning back to a more normal way of life is happening.  Depending on our situations, reactions will all be different. The world has changed and this change will accelerate.

How are you preparing for what's ahead?  Watch this webinar on how to make your first 10k online to learn how to gain the necessary skills for this digital era.

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