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How Engaged are You at Work?

Only 34% of People Are Engaged at Work

Did you know ​66% of people are disengaged at work, and out of those 13% are actively disengaged?  This doesn’t mean that people hate their jobs, it means they aren’t inspired, don’t take initiative and most are living for the weekends. That’s where the expression working stiff must come from, the definition being:  An ordinary person who works in order to earn enough money to live, usually at a very boring job

Being a “working stiff” takes a piece out of people over time.  Here are the health effects of staying in an unfulfilling job where you are disengaged.

Impact on Health With Negative Consequences

The impact on health happens on many levels.  There is potential for weight gain. Lots of people eat more when they are unhappy and don't take the time to exercise.   People are more prone to illness, immune systems become eroded under stress.  Stress can lead to mental illness like depression. We can become irritable because of worry and loss of sleep. The impact of staying in a job where we feel unhappy and unfulfilled has a ripple effect that impacts everyone around us.

Personal Lives Suffer

In our experience it’s difficult to compartmentalize and separate our work life from the rest of our lives.  We think we are shutting off the stress we feel, but it’s a dark cloud that follows people wherever they go.  On Sunday morning, Monday looms large.  The cloud overtop is a little darker and more stormy on Sunday. People mistakingly believe they’re hiding, but their kids, their spouses see through the “happy face facade”  and feel powerless to change it. 

There's Opportunity Cost of Staying Stuck

Lots of people feel trapped, after all there are bills to be paid, commitments, lifestyles to be maintained. As a result, people put up with long commutes, the soul destroying office politics the day-to-day grind  to pay the bills. The vicious cycle continues where people stay stuck living for the weekend.

Take a Step Back and What Do You See?

We encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself, Is staying in this unfulfilling job that can eventually kill you and erode your relationships worth it? 

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way …..

If you find yourself in this dark place, you can walk before you run. You can start an online business where you create a plan "B".  Starting an online business part-time is possible. We encourage people to start that way. 

Walk Before You Run

Although we find recruitment fulfilling, our industry is being eroded daily with technology. If we didn’t create a plan "B" we would be forced to stop working before we were ready.  We decided to take back control and create a business in an industry that is growing instead of shrinking.

You can take back control too. Start your online business just be clicking this link. Reach out to us by responding to this email to let us know how we can help you become unstuck. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob