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How Much Do Words Really Matter?

Check out this video and see just how much words matter.....

Words are powerful

Our thoughts become words ~ our words become our behaviours.  

A Story:

We were at our favourite coffee shop yesterday.  Being regulars, we know other regulars.  We are a little community within a much larger one.  One of our coffee friends was reading a fiction novel instead of having his head buried in his computer.  We're used to seeing our coffee friend in a certain way so when his behaviour was out of character we were prompted to ask "What's up?" 

Words Change Our Perspective

The answer:  This year has been "brutal"... only we thought he said "fruitful."  We said, great, that's why you're reading a book to celebrate a great year, and he said no....I said brutal.  I'm reading a book to get myself grounded after this brutal year, I'm not celebrating a fruitful one!

The Aha Moment

When we arrived, we had no idea what we were blogging about until we had this encounter with our friend.  We encouraged him to watch the video we shared above.  Our friend said .... "I get it ..... the words we say can change our life." 

Behaviour Changes in an Instant

Our friend walked into the coffee shop feeling and looking defeated.  He was expecting to have a brutal day, that's what he told himself.  That's what his body language was saying.  When our friend left, we said .... have a "fruitful day" and after having his aha moment he left with a bounce in his step.

When the student is ready the teacher appears  

We experienced  boomerang teaching moments yesterday! This prompted us to highlight 4 words we all say that have the power to move us forward or keep us standing still. 

The words we say become our reality

Words are a reflection of our thoughts and provide insight into our doubts too! 

Here is a list of 4 words to be aware of.  Using these four words can move you away from living your ideal life instead of towards it. 

Words matter! Here goes ....

1) I’ll try…

I’ll try to attend a webinar , to learn new skills, to be better.  When we hear “I’ll try” excuses will get in the way when something becomes too hard.  Those words give people a way out.  Say I’ll try and wait for the “but”….. I’ll try to attend a webinar but I’m too busy.  I’ll try to learn new skills but I don’t have time.  I’ll try to be better, but this is who I am. 

... Instead say I will ... 

I will attend a webinar ... learn new skills ...  be better.  See the difference? “I will” says commitment and doesn’t give us a way out. I will attend a webinar because it will move me closer to my goal,  learn new skills no matter how hard it gets, be better even if it’s painful.

Saying “try” will keep us standing still, saying “will” moves us forward.

2) I can’t …..

The quote below sums it up!  Our words become our reality.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

3) If….

If I am successful in my online business ….. If I could only travel more …. If I could spend more time with my family …. The word “If” screams self-doubt.  People don’t really believe it will happen.  

Try making the shift to “when” 

When I am successful in my online business, when I travel more, when I spend more time with my family.  "When" says conviction and determination and is a reflection of a “whatever it takes mindset.” 

4) I Should …..

I should go to the gym, should read a book, should try something new.  The word "should" is steeped in feelings of guilt.  We feel we "should" because we have been told we should …. but we don’t want to … or maybe never will ...  and for that we feel guilty.

Making the shift ...

Shift from saying “I should” to “I will” …. I will go to the gym …. I will read a book ….I will leave my job. “I should” keeps us standing still and “I will” moves us forward.

Shifting Four Little Words Can Make a Big Difference

Being aware and shifting these four little words will move you closer to living your dreams. Try it out and let us know how it makes a difference with your thoughts and behaviour.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob