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Finding and Igniting Your Passion

Are We Born With Passion?

Where does passion come from?  We have spent the last three days in Saint Louis.  Bob is the President of the Canucks Alumni so we had the privilege of participating in meetings as well as events surrounding the NHL All Star game.  

Passion in Action

We had the opportunity to meet NHL Alumni from all over North America and Europe.   Listening to the stories over the weekend the word passion kept coming to mind.  Everyone of these guys spoke so passionately about the game of hockey.  The stories may have happened 1, even 3 decades ago.  Yet in that moment when each one of these guys relayed a story, they were re-living it. 

Passion is Infectious

Saint Louis was alive. The All-Star game brought people together of all ages  The fans were excited to be a part of this passion.  Passion is infectious!  People wanted to live vicariously through the Hockey Stars.

Passion Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

Not only did we witness passionate hockey players and fans, we saw passionate musicians.  As a highlight, we had the chance to witness passionate artists who chose glass blowing as their passion.  Such drive for playing hockey, watching hockey, musical performance, or glass blowing these people had one thing in common and that’s passion.

Three Words to Describe Passion

In our research, passion was described as one of purpose, flow and pleasure.   We believe passion includes all three. 

Purpose – a calling in life, the reason you get up every morning

Flow – getting into a rhythm with your activity, losing time and performing

Pleasure – savouring and mindfulness of where you are right now

Purpose fuels passion.  With passion, hours seem like minutes, staying in the moment is easy. When people do something they’re passionate about, they savour every moment.

What does passion have to do with online business? 

Passion makes learning new skills easier.  With passion the learning curve doesn’t feel as steep. Passion keeps people going when the going is tough.  When we started our online business, we had no idea it would trigger our passion within.  Whether we’re blogging or creating a video, we are in flow. Hours zoom by like minutes.

You Can Experience This Passion

Our purpose is to ignite that passion in others so they  can live their best life.  We’re here to support you on your online journey.  You will also be surrounded with like-minded people who are also ready and willing to mentor you along the way.   You can get started on your online journey, just by clicking the link. 

Please reach out to us by responding to this email. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob