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How to Thrive in This Digital Era

Those Days are Over

Gone are the days of staying with one company and getting a gold watch for loyal lifetime service.  McKinsey research says that up to one-third of U.S. workers, between 400 and 800 million globally could be displaced by 2030 and need to find other work.   

Work Requiring Basic Skills Will Be Replaced By Robots

45% of the current workforce can be replaced by technology that is available today.  Every industry and profession is being impacted and disrupted by technology.  Automated devices are finding their way into every aspect of our lives.  So how do you thrive in this digital era?

With Challenge Comes Opportunity

There are many ways to thrive in this digital era. The first step is awareness and a willingness to embrace change.  The world is changing fast!  People can choose to ignore all these changes and keep their head in the sand.  Or prepare,  these are exciting times! 

The Workforce Demands Are Changing

The skills we require to stay current are far different than the skills many people have today.  You will see in this slide the demand for physical and manual skills will decrease by 14% by 2030. The demand for jobs requiring basic cognitive skills will decrease by 15%.  

Why?   Robots will have those jobs covered!

The demand for jobs requiring higher cognitive skills and greater social and emotional skills will increase together by 32%.  The reality is, as big as AI is and will continue to be,  AI still needs humans.  People will be working along side robots, robots don't have the emotional intelligence or the ability to empathize like humans do.  

Technological Skills Are Most in Demand

The biggest increase of all is the demand for technological skills. An increase of 55% by 2030! That's big.

The Digital Era is Upon Us

How are you preparing yourself?  Do you have your head in the sand?  Are you afraid of change or are you embracing it?  Starting an online business is a step towards growing your technological skills.  Not only can you earn money online learning new skills will prepare you for what lies ahead and keep you in the game.

Don't Be Left Behind

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