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Inspiration Found In Unusual Places

Imagine Driving By a Gas Station Every Day to Be Inspired

In Gauteng, South Africa people are doing just that!

Uplifting quotes are written every day on a chalkboard. People say they deliberately alter their route to read the quote to brighten their day. In this video we will share some "Petro Pump Wisdom."

One Person Can Make a Difference

The woman behind this initiative is Alison Billett.  Alison says she bought the gas station from a guy named Dick Hutton over 20 years ago.  Alison continued the tradition that has become a landmark because the quotes have inspired so many people.

Faces Change ... Stories Can Be the Same

Alison goes on to say “Not a day goes by when I don’t get a call or a visit from someone to tell me how much they appreciate the message.  It seems that every day there’s something that just speaks to what’s going on in someone’s life and (the quote) inspires or motivates them.”

Helping Others is Rewarding

“Alison says  “Having people come and tell me stories and how the quote helped them in some way.  This is what motivates me (Alison) to keep writing!”

Thank You For Sharing Your Stories With Us

We can relate.  When you reach out to us to let us know something we said has inspired you in some way, we appreciate it very much.  Like Alison, we are inspired to keep making videos and sharing our experiences with you.  Thank you for reaching out, we hope you will continue to do so. 

It's a Privilege to Hear Your Stories

It’s a privilege to learn what inspired you to subscribe to the video series.  Even though we are connecting with people all around the world, people’s journey’s are unique, yet similar. People are searching for something more.

Please Reach Out

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