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Invest Your Time Wisely ~ Invest in Yourself

Leaders are Making Life-Altering Decisions Right Now

"Sports is at a halt right now."  If someone told us this would happen,  we wouldn’t have believed it!  Following Italy’s lead to be cautious and put safety as priority, decision makers in business, government, religious organizations are being forced to make monumental decisions. Decisions so big, if someone had suggested this just 10 days ago, people would have thought he/she was crazy. 

A Time Rich With Insight

Every time we sit down to write a blog, we try to avoid writing about the coronavirus.  What we’ve discovered, this is a moment in time that's rich with insight and lessons. Looking back this will eventually all make sense. When we’re in it it's scary.  Having faith we will get through it, trusting it’s all happening for reasons beyond our understanding, is pretty much all we can do.

So back to Sports is at a halt right now….

It seems the majority of people love sports.  Many people live vicariously through their sports heroes. Dedicated sports fans spend hours memorizing statistics, watching current games and reliving games gone by. Today, in what seemed like an instant people were told…”Sports is at a halt right now.”

So now what sports fans?!  The sports door has shut for the moment.

What Window Will You Go Through?

From the movie the Sound of Music there was a line (we’re paraphrasing), when one door is shut, somewhere a window is open…. What window will you go through?  This is an opportunity to take the time and energy you planned to focus on sports and channel it somewhere else. 

This Is a Time of Discovery and Growth ... 

Have you been asked to work from home? If so, can you picture yourself doing this long-term? Better yet, can you imagine working from wherever you want, living on your terms, charting your own course? People have been given the opportunity to experience work life from a whole new perspective. 

... Time to Do Something New

Maybe now’s the time to learn new skills so you can work towards living a life of freedom.  You have time to become educated in something you’re passionate about. Are you ready to get started?

You've  Been Given the Gift of Time ~ Invest It Wisely

For all you sports fans out there, you’ve been given a gift. A gift few of us get.  You’ve been given the gift of time. We encourage you to invest it wisely, invest it in yourself.

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