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It Takes a Village to Raise an Online Entrepreneur

Happy Family Day to All Canadians  

For us, today is a time to celebrate family and friends who feel like family.  With a blended family of seven kids, son and daughters in-law, significant others, 4 granddaughters family is an important part of our life.  We have come to know over the decades that it really takes a village to raise a child.  Parents can’t possibly do it all. 

Adrienne’s Story:

Growing up, in addition to my parents, two brothers and cousins I learned a lot from,  I was fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends.  Our friendships started as early as Kindergarten, grade five, six and grade nine and remain strong today.

Friends Who Feel Like Family

There is something very special about lifelong friends.  When we get together as adults there is a lot of overlap in things we say and how we think.  Perhaps a result of being together and learning together during those informative years. 

When Hours Seem Like Minutes ....

Today we live far apart.  We make getting together a priority.  When we get together it’s like no time has passed and hours fly by like minutes.  These special friends are family and a big part of my village and why I am who I am today.  An added bonus, we also enjoy the company of everyone's significant other! 

Bob’s Story:

As early as grade one, I realized I didn’t learn like other kids.  School was a struggle for me.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I was dyslexic.  My struggles in school faded away when I put on my skates.  Looking back hockey saved me and really was my first love.  

Everyone's Village is Unique 

Besides my parents, grandparents and brothers, my village included teachers, coaches and teammates.  Upon reflection, my dyslexia was a blessing.  Teachers gave me extra attention and hockey gave me the confidence and the escape I needed to cope with difficulties at school.

The Online Village

Much like raising a child, it takes a village to grow and develop an online entrepreneur.  We have come to respect and appreciate the community at Six Figure Mentors.  Collectively we are all on a journey.  We are amazed how like-minded everyone is.  Every Six Figure Mentor member we have met thinks and acts abundantly.   People encourage one another and are always happy to help.

Values Align in Villages That Stand the Test of Time

We were given the opportunity and privilege to lead a Mastermind group and would leave every meeting inspired and energized.  Because we share similar values, strangers feel like friends almost instantly.  

Expand Your Village Today

When you’re ready to expand your village and become part of this exciting journey, you can get started today by clicking this link.  

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Adrienne and Bob