Join Our New Combined Facebook Group - Wake the Fun Up

Join Our New Combined Facebook Group

What's new about our Facebook group?

We are excited to announce we have combined our Facebook groups to provide even greater value, support, community, and masterminding. The new Facebook group is called The ABCs of Fun and Freedom. The A.B.C is from the first letter of our names (Adrienne, Bob, Charlie).  Fun and Freedom comes from our current groups, Wake the Fun Up and Freedom with Charlie

Here's How You Join

Click the button below.

Answer These Two Questions

You will be prompted with two questions:

Are you an SFM Member? (Answer: Yes)

Who is your SFM Referral Partner? (Answer: Adrienne and Bob)

You will be added to the group within 24-48 hours.

This is a "members only" group. We designed the The ABCs of Fun and Freedom to be a safe place for all to share. The goal is to learn from one another, post videos, provide enhanced training and celebrate everyone's successes.

Let's have FUN and help each other achieve FREEDOM.

See you there!

Charlie, Adrienne, and Bob