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Learning a New Skill Takes Courage

The Courage to Try Something New

Well, I finally found the courage to cut Bob’s hair! As Bob’s hair was becoming more and more shaggy I slowly, and resistantly came to the realization, if I didn’t like it, I was going to have to do something about it. 

Educate and Prepare When Doing Something New

I started watching youtube videos to muster up some confidence. Youtube videos make things look simple, so that really helped.  I procrastinated a little, believing a good hair cut is only as good as the tools we use. We didn’t own any good “hair cutting” tools so that bought me a week or so. Luckily, at our favourite community Home Hardware we found the perfect hair kit, for the reasonable price of $22.99.

Feel the Fear and Take the Plunge

All my excuses were gone, I just needed to take the plunge. As it turned out, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. Even during my first haircut, I could feel my confidence growing.  Bob only flinched a few times as the very sharp razor grabbed his skin. No blood was shed thank goodness.

The First Step is the Most Difficult

This hair cutting experience reminded us a lot of what it was like to start our online business. We did research online, and then with courage we jumped in. We didn’t know what to expect and we certainly didn’t know the outcome.  

It's Scary Beginning When You Don't Know the Ending

We needed courage and confidence in ourselves to know we had what it took to be successful. It’s funny how the hair cutting experience brought back all these same feelings. Very much like our online journey, learning new skills has given us confidence and an enormous sense of satisfaction.  We have learned skills and accomplished things we never dreamed possible.

Have a Clear Vision and Stay the Course

Another similarity, we knew our executive recruitment business was being disrupted by technology.  We didn’t like it, and needed to do something about it. Doing something about it meant facing our fears and investing in ourselves.  We needed courage to take a leap of faith, even though we didn’t know where we would end up.  

Consistent Action Creates Sustainable Results

We believe in doing something that scares us everyday.  Something as simple as a haircut scared me a lot. I’m so glad I had the courage to face my fear.  Each stroke of the razor became easier.  Just like online business, at first nothing made sense and then gradually things began to fall into place.

The Compound Effect Happens Over Time 

Learning the necessary skills to start and run an online business happens over time.  There’s a compound effect that happens. It does take consistent action every day.  Eventually skills accumulate and before you know it, you can call yourself a digital entrepreneur. 

What Are You Doing to Move Towards Your Vision?

What was the last thing you did that scared you?

Please let us know by responding to this email.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob

Adrienne and Bob Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Adrienne & Bob

We are digital entrepreneurs who took a courageous leap to start our online business. We have owned an executive recruitment company for over twenty years. The industry is being rapidly disrupted by technology. As a result of the skills we have learned our recruitment business is 100% virtual. Both of our businesses allow us flexibility to work when and where we want and do the things we enjoy.