Learning How to Fly Our DJI Mavic Mini Drone - Wake the Fun Up

Learning How to Fly Our DJI Mavic Mini Drone

Learning How to Drive Takes on a Whole New Meaning

When we first started our online business we thought learning how to drive referred to learning how to drive a car. In the online world learning how to drive is different. We have just learned how to drive our new DJI Mavic Mini Drone.

Learning How to Drive Our DJI Mavic Mini Took Courage

Our kids gave us our new drone for our birthdays back in July. Little did we know our DJI Mavi Mini would sit in the box for four months. We were excited about our new gift and scared at the same time. Learning how to drive our new drone required learning a new skill. Because this new skill was way outside our comfort zone, it seemed safer to keep our birthday gift in the box it came in.

We Mustered the Nerve and Faced the Challenge

With trepidation we opened the box to examine our new toy. Charging every component was the first step. After that, we packed everything back in the box and there it stayed. A couple months later, we decided to try again. After all our kids had so generously given us this present and to have it remain in the box seemed ungrateful. 

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

But where to start? At our age, we're used to paper instructions that would guide us through the set-up process. The writing was so small, we couldn’t read it. This further eroded our confidence. Did only young people with good eyesight own drowns we wondered? Back into the box our DJI Mavic Mini went. This time for two more months! We even hid it under some Christmas wrapping paper. Out of sight out of mind.

Finally We Decided to Tackle Our DJI Mavic Mini Head-on

Even though our new drone was hidden, we knew it was there. Our little DJI Mavic Mini loomed in our minds. We decided to face our fear and give it one more try. Because the instructions were so small, we started researching how to fly our (not so new) DJI Mavic Mini on Youtube. We found a wealth of information. People, even as old as us were demonstrating their skills. This was encouraging. 

Our First Attempt Was Unsuccessful 

We took our drone out to a large field and were ready to go, only to discover, we still didn’t know how to get the drone off the ground. Our first attempt was unsuccessful. Discouraged but not deterred. At this point we were determined to figure it out. We would not be defeated by a drone. We decided to continue our research and take on the challenge again the next day. This is a lesson we have learned on our online journey. Solutions to technical challenges usually appear after a good nights sleep!

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Our Fear Changed to Determination 

As with most things technical, once one last (often simple) thing is figured out, success happens. And it did! We finally got our drone off the ground! Our first, very short, very scary flight was a success. We were left feeling energized and ecstatic we had the courage to tackle and conquer the learning curve.  We forgot to turn on the camera, but that will be part of our next DJI Mavic Mini adventure.

Lessons Learned

Leaning any new skill is scary. Our fear was replaced first with determination and then with joy. Facing fear starts with having the courage to step out of your comfort zone. That’s what we did every time we took our new drone out of the box. Step-by-step we tackled the challenge and finally success happened. Our DJI Mavic Mini adventure is much like the online business journey.

Take one step at a time. Face your fear along the way. Keep going until fear changes to determination. Hang on just a little bit longer and sleep on the problem if you have to. Wake up with determination to find a solution. Soon fear will result in joy and elation!

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