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Lessons Learned From a Four Year Old

The World of Selling Has Changed

"When we started our online business, we were introduced to a whole new way of selling. Linkedin expert Sam Rathling said it beautifully “Social selling is the art of selling without selling”  Old school sales tactics don’t work in this digital era.  

Four Year Old Magic

Building a brand starts with being real and human. This week, we learned some great lessons in effective selling from our 4 year old granddaughter.  She has become masterful in persuasion at  the tender age of four.

What's in it for "Me?"

Our granddaughter stayed home from daycare on Tuesday.  Poor little girl was sick.  We did an "emergency Tim Hortons" run for our daughter. Our daughter was house-bound, there was no way around it.  Even though our granddaughter was sick, she was enjoying one-on-one time with her Mom. It was a day of movies and Mom.  Life doesn’t get much better for a four year old. Checking in during the day, our granddaughter had a miraculous recovery by 2 pm. My daughter and granddaughter were out getting slurpies!

Another win for a 4 year old!

Setting the Stage

The next day .... this is where our granddaughter’s sales ability came in.  Coming off a day of "movies and Mom", our granddaughter is thinking another day like that would be pretty good. She doesn’t come out and say it. Instead,  she asks her Mom if she feels sick at daycare, and tells her teacher, can she come home?  Our daughter says "of course you can." The stage is set!

Lessons Learned From a Four Year Old

Lesson Number One: Ask the right questions?

Forty-five minutes after our daughter dropped her daughter off, she got the call. “Mikayla is saying she doesn’t feel very well, can you please come and get her?” Lesson Number Two: Have the courage to set the plan in motion.

What’s a working Mom to do? ..... except drop everything, reschedule her day and pick up her daughter.  Lesson Number Three:  Know Your Audience. The moment Mikayla arrived home, she was her lively, happy self.  We received the text from our daughter .... “I’ve been played.” This text came from a place of admiration and love.

The Ripple Effect of Knowing Your Audience

We jumped in to help, there were a couple things our daughter wasn’t able to re-schedule.  So not only, did our granddaughter get to spend time with her Mom, she had time with Gradie and Bob-Bob. Win/win!  Lesson Number Four:  Celebrate your successes along the way and reap the rewards.

People Want a Reason to Buy 

“People love to buy, they just don’t like to be sold” - Fabienne Fredrickson  In today’s online world Fabienne Fredrickson says there is a need for a ‘kindness and love first’ approach.  Our granddaughter did this masterfully. We all stopped everything and came to her rescue. Our granddaughter knew we would! 

Transformation For a Better World 

The internet has transformed how we all see the world. Gone are pushy sales people and ruthless sales tactics. We all have the opportunity to learn from one another ... help one another. The internet has the power to make the world a better place!

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