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Living a Laptop Lifestyle is Full of “Firsts”

When was the last time you experienced a first? 

Seems like an odd question, on this trip in New Orleans we have realized just how important "firsts" are and how they contribute to the richness of our lives.  If life was just a series of same old same old, life would be boring.  A laptop lifestyle is full of adventure.

Travelling Keeps Us Young

We don’t know what’s around the corner, except an adventure, that we know for sure.  Yesterday we were walking down Bourbon Street.  Occupational hazard, we take videos of anything that’s interesting.  We were intrigued by this group of four young people who were drumming on buckets, such talent!  Well, taking a video was our first mistake!

Adventure Around Every Corner

One of the young guys was not happy we were taking a video unless we paid for it.  He followed us down the street until Bob gave him money.  On one hand we admired the guy for his determined sales ability and the other hand we felt bullied and intimidated.  We couldn’t get off Bourbon Street fast enough!

Never Let 'em See You Sweat

On our way to the “Ghost” tour, Bob went back to take a picture of a sign that said “Frank’s” We thought we would send my brother Frank a picture, so he knew we were thinking of him. Separated for only five minutes, Bob came back and told me as he was taking a video of the Frank sign, a guy came up to him and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t get out his wallet.  Now Bob says he was not a tough guy when he played hockey. 

Adventure Around Every Corner

Bob may not have been a fighter, but he has enormous inner strength.  This situation proved it. Although Bob was shaking on the inside, he told this thug to “get lost” and left that situation unscathed.  These are two scary adventures we have had in New Orleans. The rest have been positive and we have felt safe.  Three nights in a row we have been patrons at a bar called BB Kings.  On my goodness the musical talent is beyond what we could have imagined.  

Another First .....

Last night, we walked into BB Kings and the Manager recognized us and said “you’re back!” Not sure he said that in a positive way.  He said, I had to almost kick you out last night!  He’s right, we were the last to leave… was only 10 pm.  Very quickly we have become regulars in a new city.  Another first!

Online Business Keeps Life Interesting

Having an online business has given us the opportunity to have lots of firsts…..even at our age. Sometimes our adventures are a little scary, sometimes fun, always memorable.  Our online business has contributed to the richness of our lives.  Sure, we could be playing it safe, sitting in a coffee shop doing crossword puzzles to keep our minds sharp.  We have chosen to live on the edge and savour every first life has to offer. 

Are You Ready For Adventure? 

Reach out to us by responding to this email.  Begin your laptop lifestyle, who knows what lies around the corner for you!

Adrienne and Bob