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Living a Purpose Driven Life

Are you living a purpose driven life?


In this blog you will learn how living a  purpose driven life can ignite your passion and lead you to a road of happiness and meaningful work. You may even discover the adversity you encounter along the way is worth it!

Living a purpose driven life sounds simple, but it’s not.  Author Jon Gordon of “The Seed” says people can feel lost because they don’t know their purpose. Finding our purpose can take us on a challenging journey filled with hurdles, mystery and lots of dead ends. 

Why Finding Purpose is Such a Big Deal

“Purpose is our ultimate guidance system that provides us with direction for our lives?” Purpose fuels us with passion and this passion gives us confidence and vitality to go after our dreams.” Author Jon Gordon

What's the Difference Between Purpose and Goals?

Purpose comes from the heart. Goals come from the mind. Our motivation is sustained because of purpose.  Goals are the catalyst that galvanize us into action in the short term and are easy to forget when challenges happen.  The heart knows what feels right and it keeps us moving forward in times of adversity. We move closer to living a purpose driven life in the process.

Living a Purpose Driven Life is a Journey That Can Begin Today

Goals and Numbers Have a Place

To be clear, we believe in having goals and the importance of metrics and numbers.  Once our goals are set we are more energized when we focus on our purpose. This leads to better performance that's sustainable!

Our Minds Will Take Us Off Course

Be aware our minds can and will take us off our path.  Our minds may tell us we aren’t worthy of living a purpose driven life.  Doubt can creep in if we let it.  Naysayers will come into our path along the way so our purpose must be greater than the opinions of others. You know that old saying….Misery Loves Company.  If we change it may cause others to look in the mirror. Because lots of people prefer “status quo”.  It's comfortable and people want us to be together in the misery.

Finding Purpose

The Preparation Stage

There’s a saying ~ Life doesn’t always give you what you want, it gives you what you need. Living a purpose driven life is not an easy journey.  It’s the adversity we encounter along the way that prepares us. The Author goes on to say, “you can’t know joy without experiencing darkness. How can you know the joy of living your purpose without the experience of struggling to find it.” Drought happens at the beginning in the preparation stage.

Finding Purpose Takes Courage

A Time of Drought

This time of drought often includes a time of great adversity.  The Author Jon Gordon says drought can be a time when ideas, money, success dry up.  Perhaps job loss, death of a loved one, or personal illness” You get the idea, life can have some very difficult chapters.

Living a purpose driven life of passion

There are four stages of finding purpose. Once we have moved through the other stages we may reflect back and realize the richness of this preparation stage.  Adversity transforms us somehow and can take us to new heights to living a purpose driven life. It's at that point where we are willing to commit ourselves to being the best we can be in order to make other’s lives better.  

Purpose and Passion are Besties

When we decide to make a difference, our purpose will find us.  Passion and purpose are best friends who hang out together. Deciding to be passionate about about life and work can lead to living a purpose driven life. Magically, living with purpose unleashes our passion. Once we begin to find opportunities to make others’ lives better our purpose starts to move though us.  We light up and hours seem like minutes when we are living a purpose driven life.

The Power of Serving Others

We are All Teachers and Students

We believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. A teacher can take on many forms. Teachers come in all ages from all walks of life. It’s about being open and ready to hear the message when these teachers appear. There is always a reason why people come into our lives

There is a Community of Members and Mentors to Help Along the Journey

What's Your Note to Play in the Symphony of Life?

A wise teacher in Jon Gordon's book “The Seed” came into the central character’s life at the right time saying: "We exist to create the symphony of life.  Each one of us has a note to play, and we can’t play anyone else’s note.  

Our job is to play our note and contribute to the one song.  Abundance in the form of money, happiness and friendships become a by-product of playing our note and contributing to the symphony of life.  Becoming the person we were born to be is what life is all about.

Listen to You Heart and Look for Signs

Living a Purpose Driven Life

You've already started on your journey to living a purpose driven life. We won’t tell you the journey is easy. The journey is the destination. Keep going!  Remember you are not alone, there is a whole community, educational tools, mentorship at SFM to help you move forward.  Please reach out to us at so we can learn how we can help you achieve your best life.  

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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