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Make the Commitment to Change in 2020

And Time Zooms By .....

Today is the start of a new decade.  As we get older time seems to move faster and faster.  It’s amazing to think it's already 2020.  It's a time to reflect on 2019 and think about what has been. Take the time to look forward and think about what can be.

Reflecting Back

When we reflect back on 2019, it has been a year of firsts, yes ..... even at our age.  2019 was a year we acquired online skills we never thought possible.  In 2018, when we started this business we didn’t know what it meant to blog.  In 2019 we were blogging everyday or every other day and we love it, who knew ?!

Seeing the Word Differently

We learned to create videos using only our iPhones. These are practical skills, but to get to this point we needed to grow in confidence in many ways.  This took self awareness and growing from within.  At times it wasn’t easy. 

Life Changing Journey

Our online journey has been life changing, not only for ourselves but for our families too.  Our business has become part of our family culture.  This is evident when our granddaughters gleefully yell “wake the fun up” in public.  Our Christmas gifts we received with our company name imprinted is a good indication of the impact our online business has had.   It's had a greater impact than we ever anticipated.

Our online business has positively impacted us and our family in ways we didn't imagine. Our Christmas presents say it all!

Leveraging the Digital Era

We started this business because every day we saw our recruitment business being eroded by technology.  We love our recruitment business too, but we know the whole industry is changing and we needed to create a business that is growing from technology instead of shrinking. 

Making the Choice to Change 

Our online business is an extension of our recruitment business.  We continue to give people a choice to change their lives and their families lives.  We know after age 50 it’s more difficult to find meaningful work.  It’s a competitive marketplace where disruption is happening because of technology from every angle.  In our experience it's the younger, less experienced, less expensive candidates with greater technology skills who are squeezing out the older generation.

The Impact Technology Will Have on the Workforce in Just Ten Years

Taking the First Step

We know you are here because you want to change your life in some way.  We also know if you keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results, nothing will change.  We encourage you to make a commitment to change.  Starting an online business can be your first step.  Start by clicking this link.

Learning the Skills to Keep You in the Game

The best time to start and online business was yesterday …. The second best time is today.  Doing business online will only gain momentum.  It’s time to gain the skills you need for success now and in the future.  Did you know, according to a study by McKinsey and Company,  just 10 years from today the demand for technological skills with increase by 55%?   Start today to learn the necessary skills to keep you in the game.

You are Not Alone

We will be with you in the journey.  You will also have access to a community of like minded community members and mentors who will share their experiences. You can learn and avoid making the same mistakes.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020.

Adrienne and Bob