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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work For Most

So today is January 8th, just 8 days into 2020....  

New Year's Resolutions?  How are your's going?  If you’re like most, you’re starting to waver a little.  Why? .... it’s not because you’re a bad person.   It's because New Years's Resolutions force us to focus on who we aren’t.

New Year's Resolutions Focus on Our Weaknesses

Do we want to be more fit, more healthy, more financially stable, more kind?  If so, we must believe the opposite is true.  We must believe therefore that  we are unfit, unhealthy, financially unstable and unkind!  That's not a positive foundation to build upon. 

No wonder over 80% of us fail at New Year's Resolutions

We set ourselves up for failure.  On top of it all .... Our actual reality is different than what we just experienced in the last two weeks.  Our reality looms large in January.  Maybe it’s a job we don’t like, a commute we dread, a relationship we want to find ... or change.   In an instant we are back where we were.  Escaping our reality only for a couple of weeks. 

Reality hits hard! 

Let’s turn New Years resolutions on their head.  Instead of focusing on the negative, let's look at what's awesome about you and focus on that. According to Margee Kerr Ph.D., the first step .... uncover the awesome you!

Leverage Your Awesomeness!

Start Positive and Move Forward From There

Now that you feel good about yourself, it’s time to look at the things that might hold you back. It’s great to have goals. When fear controls people and keeps them standing still, goals are just words strung together.  To achieve goals the first step is to figure out what fear lies within us that stops us from moving forward.

What Fears Hold You Back?

First identify the fears that might hold you back from achieving your goals.

Now the Big Question?

Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone to change?   Change only happens outside the comfort zone. It can be uncomfortable outside your comfort zone, that's the bad news.  For the great and exciting news as a quote so eloquently states:

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