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People Choose Courage Over Fear

Courage over Fear ~ You Choose

In uncertain times it's difficult to choose courage when feeling fearful. Pulling the blankets up over our heads can seem like the best option.   Fear has the power to build barriers and stop us in our tracks. To paraphrase motivational speaker Danny Cox, fear is a stone mason with non-existent stones. These stones exit in our minds, creating self-imposed barriers.

Fear Will Squash Adventure

Fear is the sworn enemy of adventure. Fear does exactly what we tell fear to do.  When we move fear from the back of our minds to the front, our concentration shifts away from courage. These self-imposed barriers caused by fear keep us standing still.

Fear Grows When We Focus on It

By focusing on fear, we strengthen it. It has no strength on its own. The more we focus on fear, the stronger fear gets.

Courage Defeats Fear

By focusing on courage rather than fear, people keep moving forward. It's our mental focsus that allows fear to defeat us.  The strength we give fear is the strength we need to overcome it! When we choose to focus on our goals and dreams, apply courage, barriers break.  Courage will triumph over fear.  Source:  Danny Cox 

“A crises must never be experienced...for the second time.”  ~ Peter Drucker  So learn from it.  Adversity puts iron in your flesh."  ~ Danny Cox 

Turning Adversity Into Strength

Astronaut, Steve Smith turned adversity into strength.  Passionate about space as a young boy Steve Smith applied for astronaut training in NASA.  He took the test – didn’t make it.  Four times Steve Smith took the test and failed.  On the fifth try he was victorious.

Defeating Fear Moves Us Closer to Our Dreams

Steve Smith accomplished his dreams because his courage triumphed over fear.  In Steve Smith's career, he repaired Hubble telescope twice, had four space flights, seven space walks, and and forty nine and a half hours outside the shuttle.  His body travelled at five miles per second.

We Become What We Focus On

Steve Smith chose courage over fear. Courage allowed him to live his dreams.  He kept fear at the back of his mind, and had the courage to focus on his dreams until he achieved them.  He broke through the barriers of fear and discovered a whole new world!

Choosing Courage Over Fear

In an interview on YouTube, Steve Smith talks about moving from the Moon to Mars.  In the not too distant future "space tourism" will be common.  This is a great example of how the courage of one person can impact many.

The Online 

In this digital era, one person can impact thousands of people and that person can be you! What impact will you have on the world? Given the uncertain times we're in right now, the world requires the wisdom of many.

You Can Live Your Dreams

Fear has the power to sabotage.  Combatting fear starts with awareness.  Be aware how focusing on fear makes it stronger .... choosing courage over fear requires courage and a leap of faith.  

"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there."  ~ Author Unknown

Amazing Things Happen

We believe when people choose courage over fear, amazing things happen.  Face your fear right now.  Click here to get started.

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