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Remembering Heroes Who Have Gone Before Us

A Day to Remember

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day to remember the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty.  Approximately 700,000 Canadians under the age of 21 served in uniform during the Second World War.  Sometimes boys as young as 13 would lie about their age and attempt to enlist in the military.

Women Changed the Armed Forces in 1941-1942 

In 1941-1942, the military was forever changed as it created its own women’s forces.  Women were able, for the first time in our history, to serve Canada in uniform.  More than 50,000 women served in the armed forces during the Second World War.

Women Filled the Roles Men Left Behind

Everyone band together to fill the gaps of those at war.  Out of a total Canadian population of 11 million people, only about 600,000 Canadian women held permanent jobs when the war started.

Young People Filled the Gaps Left By Family Members 

They provided valuable support to those overseas. Students were encouraged to help with the harvest, many schools did not count attendance or introduce new material in classes until after the crops were in.

Living With Unimaginable Fear

Imagine the fear people lived with everyday, knowing their loved ones were putting their lives on the line every day.  People would dread that knock on the door letting them know their loved one had died. The pain to families and communities is unimaginable. 

It's Personal

Both Bob’s parents were active in the Second World War and Bob had an Uncle Monroe Murray who was a fighter pilot who went to war and never returned.  He was a Varsity Football Player at the University of Toronto, an excellent student with a bright future ahead. 

Honour the Heroes By Being a Hero in Someone's Life

Many heroes have gone before us.  So today lets honour these heroes by being heroes in someone else life.  Smile at a stranger, put down your phone and have a meaningful conversation with someone you love. Pay for the coffee of the person who is in behind you in line. 

Pay it Forward

Today, let’s all pay it forward to honour the countless heroes.  Do something kind today for a stranger, a friend, someone you love.  We are all heroes and we all have the power to make the world a better place. Please reach out to let us know how you made a difference in someone’s life today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrienne and Bob