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Shining a Light On What’s Important

Connecting More With Family and Friends

If you’re like us, this crisis is shining a light on what’s really important. For one thing, we’re connecting more often with friends and family.  This “pause” in the busyness has given us a chance to step out of the rat race.  We’re not making light of this, it comes with a price, more people are out of work than ever before.  

Changes Are Happening Fast and En masse

People are communicating differently than they were two weeks ago.  Social-distancing and self -isolation seems to have accentuated the need for connection. That’s probably why the net worth of the founder Eric Yuan of Zoom has increased by more than $4 billion since the coronavirus started. 

A Vision Turning Into Reality in Unimaginable Ways

Zoom was downloaded 2.13 million times around the world on March 23rd, as many countries implemented social distancing and work from home policies.  Eric Yuan created Zoom with the idea of “making everyone happy.”  Today, Eric's vision may be more a reality than he ever dreamed possible.

We Will Be Changed Forever

We believe this crisis will shift the way we all see the world.  To paraphrase the article, Eric Yuan suggests already companies are changing the way they think and beginning to see how working from home makes sense. He goes on to say how previously businesses didn’t even want to try! Once we experience what can be .... there will be no going back to the old ways of thinking.

Remember the Jetsons? 

It was an animated series about the world in the twenty-first century. We remember watching the Jetsons when we were younger, wondering if we would ever talk with people over a screen.  I remember thinking, if I was Jane…. Or Judy, I would constantly have to look “put together!”  So here we are living in a time when most of what was predicted in this animated series has come true.

There is More Change on the Horizon

Flying cars are available in 2020! 

Meet Sophia ...  Sophia made global headlines when she was granted Saudi citizenship, making the kingdom the first country in the world to offer its citizenship to a robot. This new age of robotics are called “thinking machines.” Marc Raibert, Founder & CEO of Boston Dynamics, pinpointed entertainment, security, emergency response and construction as just a few of the sectors that stand to be revolutionized by robotics.  “I happen to believe that robotics will be bigger than the Internet,” he said. 

Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of ABB Group in Switzerland anticipated “the new normal in which humans and robots work together.” 

How Will You Adapt to the Changing World?

So the world is changing in unimaginable ways.  Ask yourself, are you changing with it, or will you be left behind.  Consider using this time to learn skills necessary to navigate this digital era.  

“Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared” ~ Bill Gates

Six Figure Mentors has so much knowledge to share. For $29.95 you can check it out just by clicking this link.   If you discover this isn’t a fit, get your money back within 30 days.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out in these challenging times.

We appreciate that very much.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Adrienne and Bob