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Snow Days Give Us the Chance to Break Free!

Do you remember snow days from your childhood? 

Not everyone will have grown up with snow days.  Growing up in a snow belt in Canada we were almost guaranteed at least one snow day a year.  My brother Matt, who still lives in that part of Canada was our inspiration for our video/blog today.  I told Matt in an email we had a snow day and he said ”I love snow days.”  That caused us to wonder does everyone?  And what is it about snow days we like so much? 

Relinquish Control 

Mother Nature makes the rules and there’s often nothing we can do about it.  We aren’t staying home because we’re sick, or our kids are sick.  We’re healthy, at home and often the news is encouraging us to stay at home.  We don’t feel guilty because we have things on our “to do” list that just have to get done.  Snow days force us to stop and take a break.  Snow days allow us to break free from our routines. 

A Gift That Brings Us Together

In this world where we are constantly connected, a snow day somehow takes us out of the mindset that we need to respond to emails immediately.  Everyone is taking a breath and a break from the rat-race.  A snow day is the chance to slow down the clock, get out the board games have popcorn together. 

Be Kids Again

Living in Vancouver that is located on the West Coast on the ocean, snow days are rare and a novelty.  Snowmen pop up everywhere.  Kids get to be kids and parents get to be kids again.  It’s magical.  There’s an excitement in the air on snow days that gets lost as we go through the same motions day after day.

A Chance to Reflect

Snow days remind us what’s really important, our health, time with people we love and giving ourselves the chance to be kids again.  If your day-to-day routine robs you of these “snow-day” moments you can start an online business and create positive memories that last a life time.

Break Free Have Fun

When we give ourselves the chance to break free from the rat-race, magical things happen that will impact you, your kids and future generations.  You can start your online business by clicking this link.

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Adrienne and Bob