Social Distancing Isn’t Social Isolation - Wake the Fun Up

Social Distancing Isn’t Social Isolation

Connecting Like Never Before

If you’re like us, you’re spending a lot of time on Zoom, connecting with friends and family.  Zoom is playing a big part in keeping us all connected, both personally and professionally. Expanding the use of Zoom to connect with family and friends and seeing everyone’s smiling faces has been both reassuring and comforting. 

A Silver Lining

It’s amazing, it seems we are all connecting with friends and loved ones like never before.  It’s a silver lining in this difficult time. Because this crisis has really shone light on what’s important, people are reaching out to people they care about.  People may for the very first time be together “virtually” in one room. 

Are You Becoming Zoomed Out?

A month into this crisis ….. are you becoming Zoomed out?  At first, connecting with people was a novelty.  Now....the calls remind us of "virtual" networking events where everyone is making small talk.  Upon reflection, we realized these “virtual get togethers” weren't allowing for real and authentic connection. 

How to Make Zoom Calls More Meaningful

So we decided to shake things up.  Today, we will be part of a Zoom call that spans a few , generations.  We have the privilege of having parents, aunts, uncle all in their late 80’s and mid-90’s with us.  We have managed to have cousins, children, grandchildren and our oldest living generation Zoom together.  Not an easy feat ..... and what an incredible opportunity to have so many generations in one “virtual" room!

Look for the Common Thread

One place connects us all.  It is a family cottage, once owned by our grandparents. The three most senior siblings spent all their summers at this cottage, long before any of us were born. All the cousins, grandchildren, great grandchildren, spouses and friends have lasting memories of this family cottage.

Everyone will share their fondest memories of this place.  We believe this will make this experience much more meaningful and memorable.  

How to Avoid Zoom Burn-Out

Zoom has been a gift that has connected people in incredible ways.  We hope putting more meaning into Zoom "get togethers" will help us all to avoid Zoom “burn-out.”  It’s about being creative and looking for the common thread that connects everyone.

Keeping the Magic Alive

This time of crisis has inspired us to connect with people we care about.  All of us have the potential to build stronger family bonds and friendships in this time. We believe this can happen by keeping conversations authentic and real.  

Together Let's Keep Focusing On What Matters

We could all be transformed by this crisis in ways that will make families, friendships, communities, organizations and businesses stronger.  It's our hope that this creates a ripple effect that ultimately makes the world a better place. 

Please reach out by responding to this email. We will enjoy hearing how your Zoom calls are going and if you are able to create more memorable and authentic experiences online.

Stay safe and healthy,

Adrienne and Bob