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Start an Online Business and Take Back Control

Want to Chart Your Own Destiny?

Time to Get Started?

This video was inspired by Darren Hardy, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. We listen to his videos every week morning to kick start our day. In a recent video, Darren is asked by one of his subscribers; How as a leader does he stop people from giving up?  Darren simply said “You Can’t.”

The Choice is Ours to Make

Darren went on to say we all make our own choices and as leaders we can’t want success for people more than they want it themselves. We are all Captains of our own ship and as leaders we can only encourage people from the shore, the rest is up to them.  

We Are All Entrepreneurs

Darren went on to say we are all entrepreneurs - all self directed and independent.  Interestingly Darren said, most of us believe it's much less risky to work for someone than to work for ourselves. 

Less Risk Working For Self or Others?

As employees we rely on someone’s good favour to keep us employed.  As employees we rely on people making sound business decisions for our security and for the security of our families.

We are the CEO of Our Own Lives

This made us think.  No company takes care of us, we are the CEO of our own life and our own destiny.  Are you tired of giving control to other people?  Are you ready to take back control of your own destiny?  Let's talk!

Want to Learn More?

Bob and I have reserved  Tuesday August 6th and Thursday August 8th to speak with those of you who are serious about starting an online business.  Click this link for you to book a convenient time on those days. 

We look forward to speaking with you next week.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob