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Take the First Step and Change the Rest of Your Life

In five years what will your life look like?

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

According to Jim Rohn, five years from now our life will be exactly the same as the last five years unless we make a decision to change.  

Starting is the Toughest Step

Jim Rohn goes on to say, we can change the direction of our lives by starting today to make little changes that lead to a well designed destination as opposed to a undesigned destination. 

Undesigned or Well Designed Destination? 

Perhaps a place where you’re not living where you want to, driving what you want to or doing work you find meaningful.  A designed destination on the other hand is being in a place of productivity where you feel good about yourself, your circumstances and you are able to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

Change Doesn't Happen Overnight

Can You Take the First Step?

Jim goes on to say you can’t change your destination overnight - meaning you won’t arrive at your plan for your ideal life tomorrow, but you can change your direction and start moving towards your designed direction today.  ​“We go in the direction we face.”  It’s about taking small steps and the biggest step is getting started.

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Start By Eating an Apple a Day

For example if you want to start eating a healthier diet - start with eating an apple a day.  I remember my Mom saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” It’s about doing something simple and committing to a new direction.  The key is to start.  

Three Push-ups Turned into Five Sets of Ten

Every day Bob does push-ups in private/public washrooms.  Six months ago Bob started doing three push-ups and today Bob does 5 sets of 10 every day.  It all started with making the choice to change and then integrating that change into a daily routine.  Change is possible.

So the Question is ...

Is Your Life Where You Want It to Be in Five Years?

If yes, great, keep doing what you’re doing.  If no, make a change today that changes the direction you face.  Imagine what had to happen for you to even be here right now.  Some how you saw our video and decided to click subscribe. Only you can decide if you are ready to make a change and design the direction of your life.

Take That First Step

We have reserved Tuesday and Thursday of this week to speak with those of you who are ready to make a change and start an online business.   If the time is right to change please  book a time to speak with us so we can learn more about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. 

We look forward to speaking wth you soon.

Bye for now!

Adrienne and Bob